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Form 2042 Section 6 Charges Déductibles


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Apologies if I’m being dense here but for the first time we have a pre-filled amount suggested for boxes 6PS and 6PT with the option to correct this figure and / or accept it for both of us by ticking 6QR. Where does this figure ( 15810 ) come from please ?

You are always so helpful on this part of the forum so thank you in advance !
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That is amazing! We have exactly the same figure. I have absolutely no idea what it is, so no idea as to whether or how to correct.

I wrote to the Impots and they wrote back saying it was for information purposes only and we do not need to correct. However, they didn't explain what it was for. I read the notes but couldn't see how or why such a figure applied to our simple declaration.
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I haven't gone right through my return yet, so haven't reached that point, but are you sure the figures are in the boxes 6PS and 6PT, and not in the line above - "Plafond de déduction"?

If so, they may have been printed out of register.

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The figures ARE in the line above i.e. plafond de Déduction but it then says you can correct this figure using the boxes below if it’s not correct - how do you know whether it’s correct or not ??? Other friends have the same amount on their form.
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I've just had a look on my form.

I didn't have a figure in the boxes but I did have a click button "Pour consulter ou modifer le plafond global"

Clicking on it gave a pop-up explanation box:


Le plafond de déduction des cotisations PERP et produits assimilés (PREFON, COREM et CGOS) de 2021 est affiché sur votre déclaration des revenus si vous avez déclaré des cotisations au titre des revenus de 2020. Si vous n'avez pas cotisé l'an passé, ou si vous déclarez cette année un mariage ou un Pacs avec une déclaration commune, vous trouverez ce plafond sur votre avis d'impôt sur les revenus de 2020.

Détail des plafonds de déduction

Plafond de détail calculé 2020 4052

Plafond non utilisé 2018 3862

Plafond non utilisé 2019 3923

Plafond non utilisé 2020 3973

Plafond global 15810 (which is the total of those four figures)

Attention : Si vous souhaitez modifier votre plafond global, indiquez ci-dessous le montant correspondant.

Si vous avez validé par erreur une modification de plafond, effacez la zone de saisie concernée et cliquez sur « Valider ». Vous conserverez le plafond global connu de l'administration.

So it is just a calculation of the maximum you can contribute to a PERP savings plan and can be ignored.
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