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7.5% Social Cost


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I submitted our return last week and the impots calculated the amount that we owed. Unfortunately it calculated the profits from renting at 17.2% rather than 7.5%.
Last year we ticked boxes 8SH and 8SI which are not listed on the form 2042 this year.
Other than contacting the impots or looking for a refund, how do we amend the return.

We will appreciate help on this matter.

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I do a paper return and the boxes 8SH and 8SI are now on the form 2042 Revenus Complémentaire as is 8TK if that applies to you. It threw a lot of our friends who have not had that form before. Hope this helps.
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Thank you for responding.
Last year on the online form the boxes existed, this year they do not exist.
We tried calling the helpline but nobody answers. We then drove to the tax office and talked to someone, however he said it was beyond his grade so we have an appointment with a controller who comes one a week for the 11.05.21.

Fingers crossed that he understands.

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Online, when you get to the page


you need to scroll down to DIVERS and tick

Comptes à l'étranger, reprise de réductions ou de crédit d'impôt

If you click on the ? to the RHS it will bring up an example of the page it refers to, which includes 8SH/8SI

When you then go through and complete your return you will be presented with the page headed Divers which includes those boxes.

I think you should be able to correct your return online.
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