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Weymouth Bayside Festival shut down staff not paid


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Hi Fred, perhaps this post should have been called IOC arrogance drives visitors away;[:P]
The writing was on the wall months ago when traffic chaos was brought to Weymouth with the comprehensive (and crazy) traffic light controlled road works, people stayed away.
Then it was announced that the beachfront and town would be closed to traffic all day and evening, carparks converted to busparks and Park & ride charges tripled, boat moorings likewise, [I]This is not how to encourage visitors! they voted with their feet and stayed away.
Accommodation wasn't swamped by olympic visitors (more accommodation available now than for years, some hotels empty).

The sad tale is that the acts weren't top line, and footfall wasn't there with local numbers not enough to support the festival.

Maybe, maybe not, people will return next year to what Weymouth is, a seaside port, not an expensive theme park!

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