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Don't understand form 2042 ck - complementaire


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For some reason I've been sent an additional tax form - and which I've just discovered  (don't ask!).   I cannot cope with the on-line system, and am using paper return.
But this new form has me tearing my hair out.

I do not understand any of it.
The Connexion tax guide makes little reference as to what it's all about; there is no step-by-step instructions in the guide, as there are for other forms.

Anyone know why I've been sent this 2042 ck complementaire

             (I'll give them b---y complementaire !!)

In the past it was possible to go on-line and download a particular tax return form.
I have tried, using Chrome (for the translation) to obtain an English version of this form.
It does not seem to be available on the french gouv.fr tax site.
I type in the form number -  the 2042 ck complementaire - and it can't be found.
I type in a second search, the code no 11222 - and it can't be found.
I need a translation of this new form so that I can complete it.
And I can't get a copy of the form, on-line, using Chrome to translate and print out.
Oh I am so sick and tired of it all.
Why is it so difficult............
Is it me, or modern progress, or what.................
Are any of the french tax forms available to down-load ?

Any suggestions, any help - you wonderful people must know how to do this - a link - anything  - you've never let me down before now..!!

Please - Chessie

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The k at the end of the form just means it is a pre-printed version of 2042C and it may contain numbers and other information added which the tax office know about. You can change that information if you think it is incorrect.

They have made changes to the 2042 form and simplified it as much was unnecessary for those who now pay all their tax by prélèvement. As a result, some fields were moved to 2042C without any change of numbering, just located on a different form.

You can find all the various 2042 forms here https://www.impots.gouv.fr/portail/formulaire/2042/declaration-des-revenus along with the notice on completing the form.

The use of the k at the end is the same for all printed forms sent out. The versions without the k are available just by searching for the appropriate cerfa number.
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Hi Norman - ahh - that's the one.  Aren't you clever.   Now I did find that using Firefox; but couldn't when I used Chrome - and can't get it translated.  

I think I've dug myself into a black-hole and am struggling.   What is this form all about ? 

The only section I can see that is 'pre-printed' is Salaires et pensions - where there's at 1GE, 1HE, 1IE and 1JE - seems to be 'COCHEZ' for declarant 1, 2 and ?? 1st and 2nd pers.. - there's only two of us.
Turn over the page and they're going back to 2014 in various sections.   What the heck ?

And I'm panicking a bit because I thought I'd done all the preliminary stuff, converted all our huge sums of £££s into euros, and just needed to sit down and complete form.
Then this has turned up - and I'm cross about why I didn't see it, and even more worried now than normal about wretched tax forms......
Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry ....
Just I get uptight.

OK that is the form (bless you Norman) - can you explain it ?
And how can I get it translated ?  My mind's gone blank

Thanks - Chessie

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Judith-aka-Judith: I wrote they simplified it as much was unnecessary for those who now pay all their tax by prélèvement.

For the French who just have employment and French bank accounts/investments all the necessary information will have already been communicated to the tax office so their 2042 will have been completely filled in for them. All they need to do is to check it. If I understand correctly, it is possible in future years they even need to do that if their circumstances haven't changed.
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Chessie I can't help you with the printed form as only you know what information you need to provide. although none of the fields on 2042/2042C have changed their meaning and content from last year. They are just in different places. So you should be able to use previous years as a guide.

There is a good step-by-step guide with screen shots of each section of the forms 2042, 2042C, 2047, and 3916 and how to complete them online


It is probably applicable to most here and is easy to follow and much easier to use than the printed versions.

There is also a help guide to the forms and fields https://bh-assurances.fr/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/fichier-help-tax2.pdf

However, it is for last year. There have been a couple of minor changes for this year. Ignore the exchange rate and the 2047 sections 1-11 should now be sections 1-13 - but that is only a renumbering not a change of content.
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Pomme, that help form is remarkable helpful (sorry!), just says which place to put everything, all you need .. shame I'd already done mine (correctly I believe!) but will use this to check!!

And yes, for salaried French workers I can understand that it is very much easier, but it seems to have so many more fields in this year, most of which are totally unrelated to most peole's needs.  Each year they seem to alter something, thinking they are improving it and it just makes it worse.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it is one of our mottos here; the French tax people, even if they have made many strides forward in recent years, still haven't learnt that maxim.

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Chessie, it's not easy for anyone to help you if you just say I don't understand this form!  It's the main déclaration and someone would need to have access to all your personal info in order to be able to help you fill in the form.

Try and compose yourself sufficiently to go through the form, line by line and section by section and then, if you come across something you don't understand, come and ask, quoting what section and what line.  Easier for people to help if they know what specific thing you don't understand and can't fill.

Says I who have come a cropper on the blasted form 3916.....uuuggghhh.....But don't mind me, I won't even dream of personally trying to help you but many others will but you do need to be specific about what you need to know.

bon courage!

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Mint, regarding the 3916 form, I don’t know if you report online or on paper but, certainly on paper, it actually says you can do a 3916 form for each bank account or you can just submit a DIY piece of papier with all the details on it which is what we have always done. Years ago I did a list of all our accounts ( bank name and address, account number and account holder ) and each year we print it off, sign and date it and attach it to our return. So much simpler than the 3916 !
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Manon, used to do as you:  print off same form year on year and send off.

Alas since last year have felt pressured to do it on line and so I grasped the nettle[+o(]  Don't remember having this problem though.  Don't remember being asked incessantly for information on an assurance vie that we have never had.

Now, I have filled in all the accounts but am unable to finish the déclaration because I am blocked from proceeding  because, yes, I am unable to provide details of an assurance vie that neither of us has!

This is pure kafka[6]

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