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An interesting view of the French


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The meat which is going to end up on French shelves, thanks to the E.U., is meat that could originate almost anywhere. "Anywhere" being where rigorous adhesion to the regulations isn't carried out. Being slavish to the E.U. is one thing accepting potential problems with the food chain is something else.

These 'anywhere' places won't have scruples as to what they feed their cows. Keeping on trying to somehow point the finger at the U.K. is ridiculous, they didn't pass the E.U. reg. It was the E.U. The truth is what the E.U. have done and not what the UK papers or anyone else is saying.

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Ken - excellent points.  You've gone to the heart of the matter.
What I am interested in is exactly 'where' these 'cheaper' meats will be coming from - and why ?
And this ties up with the new eu regulations about 'labelling of origin' - there are loopholes here, which will be used by the big multi-nats (that's a given) - but which means us consumers will have less information about exactly 'where' the products have originated.
Anyone noticed how some foodstuffs are labelled as 'Origine de France' - and others as 'Fabrique du France' - there's a big difference between the two, and I worry that the new eu regs will dilute this kind of protection for all of us.

Big, murky world - glad I've been a vegetarian for 40 years; but I'm stuck with an OH who loves his meat and I've not been able to change his diet very much !!


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To our Mods - Yes, Yes - of course we appreciate you - don't think otherwise.
Keep us on the straight and narrow.   Sometimes it relies very much on your interpretation of what's been written - and that's purely a subjective view.
I never want to upset anyone; I never want to cause trouble; I am not a 'rabid nutter' as I was accused of being; I get lonely and like to have a debate sometimes with other people.

I just hold very strong views about certain subjects, as do other on here - and sometime totally different to my own.   I do challenge other people's views and ideas but I have always tried to be reasonable, without hurling personal abuse. 

And I promise not to mention 'the other place' again !!

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I'm certainly not a vegetarian but I do think about what I put in my mouth!! I have certain principles regarding baby pigs, cows, sheep etc; but accept that is how the world is.

What is different here is the acceptance, by the E.U. of possible foodstuffs being detrimental to the health of the people in the E.U. Certain countries will supply foodstuffs that is contaminated. That I can't. accept. It has happened and without rigorous checks will happen again. The E.U. have condoned future health problems in my view by allowing this to happen. An aside is that E.U. lovers cannot bring themselves to condemn it!!
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Ken - we've seen how some posters have tried to bring in the USA's 'chlorinated chicken' mantra - that has been completely refuted by scientists.  Most french bags of washed salad have been washed in chorine, most french swimming pools use chlorine and I doubt whether those who use such pools are bothered by the chlorine.  It was a silly argument then - and it is still so today.

But - consider this.  If it were the UK proposing such a change in animal feed products -

imagine the outcry, the wailing, the squawks of horror and shock ?

But because it is the eu there is not a murmur, nothing.
And that's what I find so irritating - there is a certain amount of hypocrisy about the eu worshipers who are so willing to criticise the UK - but never do the same to the eu.

I wonder how much information will be given to the eu citizens about these future changes in animal feed ?  Someone earlier on wrote that they could find no reference to it - now I would find that rather worrying.  The eu obviously doesn't want citizens of various european countries to actually know what is going on - which means it's shabby, and something they wish to keep quiet.  It isn't as though the Guardian has made up the story is it ?


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In my mind there is no question but it is a Brexit subject, in this forum anyway! Be it chlorinated foodstuffs or now this allowing unregulated feed to animals. Certainly decisions are made in the E.U. or even in the U.K. but postings here are very much pro-EU no matter what the circumstances and that is because of Brexit.

The E.U. is rarely, if ever, criticised. These people simply cannot accept that Britain voted to leave and their world has been turned upside down.

I'm accused time and again for making something a 'Brexit' subject but it is quite obvious by the way posts are formulated that criticism is aimed anywhere to deflect from the shortcomings of the E.U. Many here won't accept it and snipe at the U.K. or the USA in an attempt to justify their partisanship. I don't read, never in fact; how successful the E.U. is because it isn't; but rather how bad the UK or USA is, even Australia has been dragged in to it!! Quite pathetic!

I have no problem with anyone who wants to laud the E.U. I may not agree but each is entitled to a view or opinion. It would be refreshing to actually read something that is a success emanating from the E.U.! It is the one sided support of the E.U. I find distasteful. Objectivity, a word, certainly not a practice!.
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What’s that line? Never argue with a fool? Well Ken you are that fool. If you cannot see how Britain prospered as a member of the EU and has already suffered hugely since Brexit then I feel sorry for you, You cannot provide one genuine positive advantage of Brexit but are proud of denying future generations the advantages that you yourself have enjoyed. Pathetic.
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Cajal said "The EU Definition of authorised animal-feed additives from the French ministry of Agriculture site. NOW

The proposed EU Scopaff proposal adopted on April 14th. FUTURE"

Thanks for those links. The second one is worrisome (at least for some) with the reference to imports from Canada with bovine PAT used for bovine feed (illegal here). Buying local (circuit court) may be more expensive, but it is clearly better for both our health and the maintenance of our agriculteurs.
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BinB - Hey - that's it - that's enough - right now - you stop that.   We do not become abusive to one another.
You can make your points - but the ruder your comments the less effective any point you care to make becomes.
Ken is largely quite right; there is very, very little criticism of the eu - even when it is warranted and well deserved.   There's always the links to something about the USA or the UK that deflects from the subject being discussed.
I don't know where you get the idea that the UK has 'already suffered greatly' - really - in what way, please let us know.
How about the way the eu's status world-wide has been diminshed because it no longer has the world's 5th largest economy as a member; how it has lost a lot of the intelligence and security information that was shared.  Remember 5 - eyes.
As for future generations - here's a thought - they might actually thank those who voted for Brexit.
Tell me - how do you regard Target 2 ?  Or the way Orban, the PM of a democratically elected gvt has been told that if he doesn't promote the LGBT line - supposedly an eu value that every eu country has to promote now (what value)  - in Hungary, a Catholic country which is unhappy about the promotion of this - has been told by the Dutch PM that if Hungary doesn't like having to promote LGBT that Hungary should leave the eu ?
As for 'enjoying what the eu has to offer' - we could travel, work and live in any european country before the eu came along you know.

Open your mind; and stop being abusive - not needed, not appreciated.


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I’m sorry if I’m passionate about it but I find his comments about celebrating Brexit offensive in the extreme. He has taken advantage of FoM but is proud to have denied others that right. If he could come up with a single realistic advantage of Brexit it might help his cause but l8ke others in his position he cannot. All he can do is voice his hatred of the EU and make snide remarks about people who base their arguments on facts. This is an adult forum so I suggest you forget your patronising attitude and grow up. As far as Ken is concerned those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

If you really can’t see the effect that Brexit has already had on the economy of the U.K., employment, fishing, manufacturing and Northern Ireland I suggest you do some reading.

I also suggest do some research into just how difficult it will be in the future for all by a handful of British Citizens to work in the EU in the future and compare that to the opportunities that were available to all during recent decades.
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Hey Brit...I got my jab the other day. It was an elderly nurse who I guess had come out retirement to help out. She was loverly.

Anyway, she wanted talk about Brexit. To cut a long story short, she was for Frexit. She really did not like the EU as an organisation.

I have had no backlash from anyone in France regarding Brexit. It has been more support and smiles.

You gotta understand Brit, some people just don't like the EU organisation. Everyone loves the concept of a European Union. Who would not.

But not the way and the people that run it.

Why can't we all just have FOM of goods and people and be done with it.

Lets be clear, Merkle is gone and Macron will be gone by next year. Hopefully, there will be some reforms...because at the moment the EU is in a dire mess.
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Well, you don't seem to be following your own advice! No, I never saw how Britain 'prospered' by belonging to the E.U; likewise I haven't seen any evidence of Britain suffering hugely either. That though is an aside.

The 'advantages' that I gained by belonging to. the E.U., what exactly? That I could live, work or travel in Europe? I still can. So can anyone who wants to move here from the U.K. yes, some more paperwork but no-one is 'banned'!

For me the 'genuine positive advantage' for Britain is that it can make its own decisions. Such as vaccinations, food stuffs, trades and many other things that the E.U. simply can't manage. For me self determination transcends any altruistic tendencies I may feel. If you love the E.U. and its workings then become a citizen, rescind your UK. nationality. In other words put your money where your mouth is!!! Perhaps you have, but I doubt it! Like most others the lure of a U.K. passport is too great to give up!!

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Ken wrote "No, I never saw how Britain 'prospered' by belonging to the E.U".

I think we are more or less of the same generation, so I am surprised that you do not recall UK being the 'sick man of Europe' prior to joining the EU. After which, UK steadily prospered (much or most of it down to having the most FDI as companies the world over took advantage of the two English-speaking countries for entry into the Single Market). That FDI has largely dried up since 2016 (for the UK while in Ireland it continues to accelerate).

I think you will find that the UK is now teetering 5th to 7th (nominal GDP) and just hanging on to 10th place (PPP) behind the big 5, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, and France.
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Big 5 eh including France? OK if you say so.

"United States (GDP: 20.49 trillion)

China (GDP: 13.4 trillion)

Japan: (GDP: 4.97 trillion)

Germany: (GDP: 4.00 trillion)

United Kingdom: (GDP: 2.83 trillion)

France: (GDP: 2.78 trillion)

India: (GDP: 2.72 trillion)

Italy: (GDP: 2.07 trillion)"
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Nick P wrote: " Big 5 eh including France?"

It would have been good to read what I actually wrote: "the UK is now teetering 5th to 7th (nominal GDP) and just hanging on to 10th place (PPP) behind the big 5, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, and France."

For those hard of understanding, let me spell it out: 1 China, 2 USA, 3 India, 4 Japan, 5 Germany (the big 5) 6 Russia, 7 Indonesia, 8 Brazil, 9 France, 10 UK.
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Cajal - thanks for those links; I'd been looking for similar but you were cleverer than I and you found them. Well done.
What I find worrying is that there has been, apart from the two articles in the D Express and the Guardian, very little coverage of this.  Has anyone seen it covered in the french newspapers ?
If not - any ideas why not ?
Don't like it at all.
Just imagine if the UK had done this - and the criticism it would have received.

Sadly, we've moved well away from the original post - to cover something very important.  Hope those who have read this have been alerted to what the wonderful eu has done to down-grade the safety of the food chain for eu citizens.
With little publicity.

For those who refuse to criticise the wonderful eu - just what has to be done by the eu before there is any criticism from the eu fanatics.  And why do those who cannot criticise the eu resort to insults and personal abuse.   Isn't there a saying about that............... !!  


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those who refuse to criticise the wonderful eu - just what has to be

done by the eu before there is any criticism from the eu fanatics.  And

why do those who cannot criticise the eu resort to insults and personal

abuse.   Isn't there a saying about that............... !!"  

If I were an "EU fanatic" I think I might find that a bit insulting. 

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Earlier post had asked about benefits for UK after Brexit - how's this ?
Oh and let's not indulge in the 'squawk, shriek, scream - it's the DT' please; we've established that both the D Express and the Guardian were BOTH writing the truth about the animal feed, so let's not have the sneers about the DT - it's too childish.

Just one of many benefits.
And the Oxford AstraZeneca, provided AT COST - not profits as are the Moderna & Pfizer -
and other benefits too numerous to list.

As for personal reactions to one individual's 'support for Brexit' - ever thought that it was being done deliberately just as a wind-up for those who can't take any criticism of the eu.   The fanatics who regard anything eu as wonderful, as in 'ever closer union' - and there is nothing the eu can do that is wrong.
Surely a grown adult would realise that there is, possibly, some good things from eu; like the Spanish roads to nowhere that Clarkson loved - but that there are things it has got wrong - and an adult would accept that ?

Hey ho - I think we've drifted much too far from OP's post.

Any comments about the destruction of little Jupiter's political party then ... ?

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I'll make this my last comment - but it is an extremely important, and a religious, point.
I have just realised that France has very many Muslim citizens doesn't it?   Islam forbids eating or touching pig, doesn't it ?   Isn't pig regarded as 'forbidden', as 'unclean'. 

Now how are they going to label any animal products, if it has been fed with pig protein.   Chicken with pig protein - yuk.

Again, we come back to the 'labelling' of food;  how are the food producers going to get round this.   Surely the followers of Islam will be extremely unhappy about this ?   I can foresee potential problems ahead - and that religious group can be very vocal.....
Surprised no-one had picked up on this point.

Oh dear.
And Mods - no - I am not criticising any religious group at all.  But it is surely an important point for followers of that faith - and potential trouble ?
It is yet another benefit from Brexit - the UK can BAN any eu meat or eu processed meat - ah - there ar benefits then, aren't there !!

Anyway - I think I've said enough (for now !!)

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Why be 'surprised' that I do not recall Britain being the sick man of Europe? I have never been asked to recall it so I'm not sure why you needed to say such thing. Well actually I do of course, it is just a way of having a dig at the UK!

In any event , now that you have mentioned it, I do remember the term being applied to Britain. I also have to say that it was as meaningless then as it is today. I certainly don't recall any difference in my life or any of the people I met with in the world I revolved around simply because the press and some European countries chose to use the term.

I wonder, us being of the same generation, do you recall that France was given the same epithet in 2015-16? or Turkey in 2018 or, how about this!!! The E.U. this present day on the basis that there are several countries where polls have shown a dramatic drop in support for the E.U.

As I have said, the term is meaningless and whether it is France, Britain or the E.U. that is given it means nothing, unless of course you are having a 'dig' just to try and score 'brownie points'!!

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