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Hello, well we have been looking to buy a small van for daily use. We have been using Ebay, Le bon coin, and various other search engines, to our annoyance we have found loads of scams. For example, a car of about 12months old, excellent condition, full service history, all receipts, signed docs for (non gage) etc etc for about 3500Euros, we couldn't believe it, so we tentatively made an enquiry, a reply came, with full details of the car, no scratches,bumps etc, and an explanation as to the low price,

' I am a military nurse from the 16eme near Perpignan and am overseas at moment, and would rather sell the car as I am not sure how long i will be away, and will buy a new one when I am back'

They then want you to fill your name, address, tel number, delivery date.

Included in this price will be delivery to your home address,  in advance you send a copy of the Western Union cheque  in advance of the car being delivered for you to inspect and test drive, without obligation,  if you are satisfied with the 'car' you hand the actual cheque over to the driver with the secret codes erased -------but he never turns up

So once they have the photo copy of the check they must have a way of getting the secret password from it, how no idea, they claim the funds, and you cannot get the refund from Western Union....

And voila, you have been taken for an expensive ride.

I have reported this to ebay, I wonder if I'll ever get a reply from Ebay etc.....

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This happened to our friends here - they were looking for a van on leboncoin.

They got as far as going to La Poste for the Western Union cheque where the clerk warned them not to do it.

They had the cash ready. So they had a lucky escape, except I would never buy eg a van without trying it out first.

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