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Life after Cooperlola


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I thought I ought to just drop in to say what and how and so on.

Almost everything has been sorted out - at least as far as I know! I have yet to get to grips with the tax return. Apparently I will need to fill in two returns, one pre- and one post-events. I think I will ask the people at Mamers to help with that. All the banks have been sorted out - with the exception of nationwide, who, having asked for a translation of the death cert, which they received two months ago, have yet to convert the account to my name alone. So much for being mutual.

You may recall that Deb picked up a bargain-priced mobility scooter in England last year. I have donated that to an elderly lady in Bonnetable.

The huge collection of CDs and DVDs - well into 4-figures - remains a problem, since most of the \DVDs probably lack a French language option, and Fairport Convention is not too popular on this side of the Channel, I suspect.

We are now into Le Mans race fortnight - the reason we moved here in the first place, of course. I had a couple of wobbly moments during the Test Weekend, but will enjoy the event I'm sure.

I will drop by now and again, but hope all Deb's friends and animated correspondents on here are well and life has moved on, as it does.

Take care, one and all.

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It was typical of her that she encouraged me to get a mobility scooter too, and helped with finding one that has been of great benefit to me.

She is greatly missed, but it is good to know that you have chosen to stay on and struggle with the practical problems as well as the emotional turmoil.

Do pop in, and of course if anything rears its ugly head in the way of French bureaucracy that you hadn't expected shout if you need help.

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Ascot Week is coming up and she'll be picking the winners up there!

I think that she was fonder of Cheltenham, but no matter.  She and I used to exchange the occasional tip (i.e. loser!!) whenever either was on.

All the best to you.

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It does start to get a little easier,believe me. Pages Jaune still put an ad in for the business each year even after I told them dozens of times what happend and finally this week I notice they have left only my name on the internet directory for our private residence.

I had to send death certs to insurance companies in the UK, one lot cleared it up within a couple of months and paid out and the other took nearly a year with pathetic letters saying they did not understand the french system of no cause of death etc so a very strongly worded letter was sent reminding them that I had no trouble elsewhere with UK bureaucracy.

Life does go on after what is one of the worst experiences you will ever face.

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