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Great - now what???


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Talking to friends in Scotland across the political spectrum, the consensus is that Nicola Sturgeon won't call another indyref unless she is sure to win it. At the moment opinion polls are giving her a narrow lead on that front but not enough for her to chance it. I suspect that after her meeting with Theresa May she will wait until the final deal is becoming clear and make her decision on the mood in Scotland then.

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Nick, I spent a substantial amount of time last evening deleting posts where personal attacks out weighed the substance of the post...if you have found something I have missed ( I didn't go back all the way though, but to where I could see problems started ) then please just say so and give me the date and time of the post by PM .

And frankly it's all very well complaining, but there was hardly a rush to replace Q. And as he doesn't participate in this forum any longer my feeling is that jibes in his direction are inappropriate.

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Rabbie wrote,


I have had several requests about the

excessive use of capital letters in posts. This is seen as the equivalent of

shouting and makes things harder to read for some people. Bearing this in mind

Could you please consider changing your signature to Normal case.


Sure, all done now, hopefully people will find

the new one easier to read. [;-)]

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I haven't been receiving notifications on this thread for some reason and it looks like I missed a fair bit :)

I don't think Theresa May needs to blame Scotland for Brexit not happening as I think she's already got three scapegoats in place in her own party well placed to take the blame.

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