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Trump to win?


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Talking about walls, there is a brand new bit of wall going begging opposite the old illegal immigrant camp near Calais, never been used, British quality. Perhaps it could be dismantled and flogged to the US so that Trunpie could use it on the Mexican border.

Alternatively, sell it to the Mexicans so they can keep the rednecks out and stop their people being shot if they cross into the US.
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[quote user="Jazzer"]This is my worry. He says he believes in Nuclear proliferation,[/quote]

Nice idea: I feel, however, a little organisation in Switzerland might have a small input...

See here:

[quote] It is alarming to think what would happen at 3.a.m when a call comes through requesting immediate action. He is so volatile, he is the last person I would want with his finger near the button.[/quote]

You do not really believe POTUS alone, can press a little button and start a global nuclear holocaust, do you?

Been reading too many Dan Brown pulp fiction books, perhaps...

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Trump is a narcissist. His entire raison d'etre is to protect his fragile ego. That is all he cares about whatever he says. At the moment he feels great..he has just won the best prize in the world and he has probably never felt better. He will probably agree to just about anything with anyone who flatters him enough. Japan has already got in there , Putin as well..there will be a rush of people running around him getting him to agree to all sorts of stuff. At the moment he is malleable. We've seen how policies aren't really that important to him as he has flip flopped over most of them.

The test will come when he has to deliver, which of course he won't be able to do. Then he will just revert to his usual strategy of blaming everything and everyone else. Hopefully there will be people there to calm him down when that happens and hopefully he won't have too many major incidents to deal with.
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[quote user="lindal1000"]Trump is a narcissist. His entire raison d'etre is to protect his fragile ego. That is all he cares about whatever he says. At the moment he feels great..he has just won the best prize in the world and he has probably never felt better. [/quote]

Too true!

I can easily imagine him flicking through the TV channels, watching the protests and saying "Look! Look! Everyone's talking about me!"


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I don't think the oppressed masses expected him to really deliver..most of them didn't vote for him in the first place, He also isn't a narcissist..more of a charisma free zone. But yes, that's why most politicians don't last very long, because they can't deliver on their promises. Mind you, Trump is such a good blagger he might be able to convince them he has delivered when he hasn't.
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Well, as you may imagine I am over the moon, but as I have stated for a

year or more, Mr T would win this, I am not in the least surprised by the result.  But

to win with such a large majority in the Electoral  college vote was far beyond

what I could have wished for.


Considering the Republicans also have control of the Senate and upper

house, he can pretty much do as he wants.


For those who believe he wont deliver, you are the same people who

laughed at his attempt to be the POTUS,  he really has a reputation as a guy who

does not get things done doesn't he ??


Happy days to come..  [:D]  [:D]  [:D]

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Yep, you were right all along.


I also think he will deliver but it will be a bitter pill to swallow for the losers and maybe even many who voted for him, people are so used to politicians not delivering, compromising, bending to the will of too many people and/or vested interests.


I could never understand the hatred for Margaret Thatcher, all she did was to keep her electoral promises, trouble was most never imagined that she would.


It may even in the fullness of time be a blessing for the Remoaners, its a great opportunity for Mr Farage, I doubt that he will be rebuffed, it seems like a marriage made in heaven [:P]

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How do you think he is going to 'make America great again'. That is what he promised..Do you think those that voted for him will have better lives in 4 years time?

Mrs Thatcher seems like a moderate compared to what is happening now.

ALBF..I don't know why Hollande is standing again. Perhaps he has Hillary Clinton's problem of being too thick skinned to see the damage. I don't see the PS making it through to the second round. As a person out of all of them I think Macron has the most potential for the future but don't know if he has the experience this time round. Juppe is probably more likely to beat Le Pen than Psychozy. It is an uncertainty.. I don't know whether seeing the shock result in the USA will shock the French voters into voting to prevent Le Pen or whether it will go the other way. Although the FN does have some support in this part it is basically strong PS territory. I know it is quite different when you move further up to Chancer land.
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Aint that the (sad) truth [:(]


Re making America "great again" well thats not something that can be quantatively measured, I would say that the wall and all its repercussions will happen, that is a fairly black and white thing, it will either be done in its entirety or it wont, Thatcher promised people the right to buy their Council houses amongst other things and thats what happened.

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Chancer that's his strength and problem. The wall may happen but I'm pretty sure Mexico won't pay! He may well bring in tighter restrictions for visas. He won't be able to single out Muslims but tightening it up for everyone will have the same effect.

Norman you're probably right about Juppe, but the same could be said about all of them.

This is a thought provoking article if anyone is interested. https://medium.com/@theonlytoby/history-tells-us-what-will-happen-next-with-brexit-trump-a3fefd154714#.w9g4r9e13
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[quote user="PaulT"]Wasn't there a chap who had a moustache like that bloke out of Sparks who said that he would make his country great and built new roads and boosted industry etc.....now how did that turn out?[/quote]

His country ended up running Europe?



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Actually, at first he very much did.

What has to be remembered is, post the collapse of the Weimar Republic, hyperinflation and starvation, there was little work. Even extremely clever graduates struggled to find meaningful work. Indeed, I read one potted bio, where a young engineering grad opted to sign up for one of the Fuhrer's  work camps since at the very least, he would eat. Later, he joined the Kriegsmarine and volunteered for the U Boat programme and became one of the top sub commanders.

Important also to realise, Germany was decimated by the idiotic unflinching demands from the French President, Clemenceau, for War Reparations. The so-called Paris Peace Conference, 1919, leading to the Versailles Treaty, saddled Germans with unmeetable debts and completely took away their pride: critical to the Prussian army officers and an embedded aspect of Teutonic psyche. Thus this "Peace Conference" guaranteed World War Two.

Despite two terms of Obama and previously, the incompetence of Dubya Bush, states such as Pennslyvania suffer a "Rust Belt", mainly thanks to major industrial employers, shuttering their plants and throwing tens of thousands of middle Americans onto the scrap heap. Since venal Big Biz joined in the rush to "Offshore" jobs to Asia.

This is not a new phenomena; the "China Effect" has been in process for many years, and caused what analysts and commentators call, the creation of McJobs; low paid menial work at at or near minimum wage.

Wall Street and its greedy despoiling financial profiteers, has enjoyed a good run: however Wall Street et al, is not "The Real Economy on Main Street". This short-sighted greed is now coming to home to roost.

Trump has cleverly latched onto such anger and despair. All he has to now to is deliver on his promises; in which he stands as much chance as the other self-serving cronyist cabal of politicians whom for far too long have been puppets to Big Capital.

P.S. If you really wish to enjoy detailed knowledge of the rise and fall of Hitler et al, I wholly recommend Michael Burleigh's book, "The Third Reich" (Pan- McMillan isbn: 0 330 48757 4). Not for the faint hearted; the softback is just under 1,000 pages......). I am currently, slowing ploughing through it! [blink]

Also, my constant reference book on the 1919 Peace Conference is the epic and much praised work, The Peacemakers.

"Peacemakers: The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 and Its Attempt to End War (2001) is a historical narrative about the events of the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. It was written by the Canadian historian Margaret MacMillan with a foreword by American diplomat Richard Holbrooke. The book has also been published under the titles Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World and Peacemakers: Six Months That Changed the World."

(Margaret Olwen MacMillan, CC (born 23 December 1943) is a Canadian historian and professor at the University of Oxford, where she is Warden of St Antony's College. She is former provost of Trinity College and professor of history at the University of Toronto and previously at Ryerson University. A leading expert on history and international relations, MacMillan is a commentator in the media.[1] She is a great-granddaughter of former British Prime Minister David Lloyd George.)

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Jazzer: If this prof is such a law expert, then why is he wasting his time in the groves of academe, rather than earnings a couple of million bucks a year with a top DC law firm?

Sour grapes, springs to mind. US presidents have only ever been impeached for breaches of trust and unlawful actions WHILST they were president; not before.....

If so, then most of the US Presidents since post Eisenhower, would have been out on their jacksie.

Dubya Bush: Papa Bush; Clinton; JFK; keep on going.

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[quote user="NormanH"]Juppé is probably exactyly the wrong person to beat LePen.

He has all  drawbacks of Clinton, being so much part of the old guard, without even having the feminist vote...


Couldn't agree more, Norman!

Also Juppé still suffers from the debacle of trying to reform the social contract; and failing. Indeed exactly as did Domenique de Villepin; selected by Chirac as his natural successor.

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Lindal wrote,


How do you think he is going to 'make America

great again'. That is what he promised..Do you think those that voted for him

will have better lives in 4 years time?



If you care to click this link,

it will show you his first 100 day pledge to the American people of what is

going to happen. It shows how he will make Mexico pay for the wall. It is only a

short link, so it wont take up too much time reading it. I really cant see

anything in there that is not what I would wish for if I lived the other side of

the pond. Come to think of it, I cant see much in there we don't need this



As for the liberal lefties, who say that as

Mrs C won the popular vote, and  state that ‘ But the biased, screwed up system

gave a false result’ it should be noted that the news commentators at the

beginning of the night, stated that the US electoral college system meant it

was extremely difficult for Mr T to win and that he only has a narrow path to

victory, turns out it was as wide as the I 10


As for Hillary winning the popular vote and

the systems false result, well the difference in the popular vote ( which counts

for nothing) was 337586 more to Hillary, out of a total of approx.. 120



In the last UK election UKIP won 4 MILLION

votes, but ended up with one MP, I guess that is more unfair then the US

system then. Did not hear anyone on here saying that was  ‘screwed

up’ the rules of the election were clear, and I fully accepted the results, that

is democracy. Problem is the Liberal left only like democracy  if

they win, which these days happily they don't often do.
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