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Winston Churchill


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Why should activists be condemed when it is obvious to anybody who "thinks" knows that Churchill was a massive racist.

Bit like Trump really.

Churchill just got lucky in that a war made his name. A bit like how Maggie Thatcher was so grateful for the Falklands war.

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I have had great difficulty keeping to my new year resolution having read some posts on here recently and so I wondered if common sense could rule over political ideology in a straight forward case of racism.

NB I can understand why privatisation discussion is now becoming very difficult for the rabid tories.
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The man died in the 60's and yes, he probably was what is considered racist these days.

LOTS of people from the olde days would be classed as racist these days, in the olde days it was just how life was.

SAD, yes, but it really gets up my nose that people will demonstrate about Churchill, when there are really important things that they should be getting their teeth into. Let us face, it, they cannot time travel and change things.

My grandmother hated the man as she reckoned that he ordered troops to fire on striking miners. Didn't matter about the war.

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"My grandmother hated the man as she reckoned that he ordered troops to fire on striking miners. Didn't matter about the war."

I wouldn't want to be in dispute with your, or anybody else's grandmother, but the facts are :-

In 1911, a strike began in the coal mines at Rhondda in early November of the same year. It arose out of a dispute concerning wage differentials in the working of hard and soft seams. Many men were involved, estimates varying between 25,000 and 30,000, and many different pits were affected.

There was looting and the local authorities appealed to the War Office for troops. On hearing of this, Churchill as Home Secretary consulted the Secretary of War, Haldane, and they agreed instead to send police, but to hold some troops in reserve near by.

Churchill’s whole conduct in the matter has since been grotesquely distorted, and it has become a part of socialist demonology that Churchill sent troops who fired upon the miners of Tonypandy. Socialist propagandists have sought to make martyrs of the miners of Tonypandy comparable to those of Tolpuddle in 1834.

Churchill's memorandum to the King

10th November 1910

"Reports today from the whole of the Rhondda Valley are satisfactory. Absolute order has been maintained around all the threatened collieries. A few trifling incidents of window breaking have occurred in two of the villages. The 1,400 Police at the disposal of the Chief Constable will, it is expected, be able not merely to prevent attacks upon the collieries but to control the whole district and to deal promptly with any sign of a disorderly gathering large or small. No need for the employment of the military is likely to occur. They will be kept as far as possible out of touch with the population, while sufficiently near to the scene to be available if necessary….

With the view however of increasing the strength of the police force in the district to a point which will obviate all risk of having to use the military, two further contingents, aggregating 500 additional police, have been sent from London. The whole district is now in the effective control of the police, and there appears to be no reason at present why the policy of keeping the military out of direct contact with the rioters should be departed from"

The lies and folklore continued even into the1960's

when it was put about that Churchill had authorised the use of tanks against the miners.

(Tanks weren't invented until WW1)

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I would not defend anyone's point of view in the past. Different times, and some things have been addressed since.

But the past is the past and what on earth difference will it make if we all start having a go at Churchill.

The current world is in a terrible state, and yes, the Churchills' have their part in current problems, of that I have no doubt.

 BUT we need to address NOW. Firstly, get the population down and manageable. Global warming under control and look after the balance of nature and human. So REALLY, Churchill being a racist way back then, is SO SUDDENLY A PROBLEM 'NOW'....... give me a break.

And my Grandmother, born in 1879....... , she was an old lady when she said that to me....... shocked me at the time, but one thing is for sure, she believed what she said, rightly or wrongly. There again, people 'believe' in all sorts of things don't they, and that was just what she believed....... cannot do anything about that either, I think she died towards the end of 1965. So should I be shouting to the heavens saying that she was an old completely ignorant fool or a woman??????? Would that do any good.

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Bliar is more right wing than quite a few tories and really blows with the wind. We should have definitely learnt from the past.

The point about Churchill is that he is somehow raised on a pedestal as an icon to be followed.

Given the amount of newspaper "yardage" given to racism in both France and the UK I think it is a reasonable topic to address as well as Brexit.
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I like Churchill, I like Trump, I like Thatcher, I like MLK, I like Hendrix, I like Chuck Berry, I like Sheriff David Clarke, I like Paul o'Grady, I like Julian Clarey,

I don't like WHITE SJW's, Globalist Liberal 'Elites', BLM, WLM, Elton John, Sir Nick Clegg, and Theresa May,

Does that, in your blurred eyes, make me a Neo Nazi, KKK, homophobic, white racist supremacist I wonder?

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Richard wrote:

"The point about Churchill is that he is somehow raised on a pedestal as an icon to be followed."

I think it's his quality of encouraging people to be determined not to give up when faced with extreme threats that is admired. I don't think his style would be accepted these days. He had many faults in his character, but they were out in the open.  I'm old enough to remember the courage he gave to the adults in 'the darkest hour', when we were on the point of being invaded.

And although I'm a labour supporter I agree with you about Blair.

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