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Leading Brexit


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Forget about that man of the people, BJ. The third Brexit minister is really really a man of the people.

1. Lythan St Anns not Blackpool

2. Independant school

3. Sandhurst

4. Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

5. Read history at Peterhouse (Cambridge)

6. Student at the esteemed college of law in Chester!

7 Solicitor.

All that and dad was a Trade Union Official!

We can't lose, can we? A true yes man for the Tories.

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Call me cynical but a person I know chose his party on the basis that it gave him the best chance of advancement - little to do with any sort of morals.

Trade union dad and independent school - he perhaps learned well. Hardly the "man of the people" in my eyes.

His voting history seems to be very much that of a yes man.

Ref: wiki I'm afraid.

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which of course has nothing directly to do with choosing a new Bexsh1t leader.

Sometimes the chip on your shoulder actually does more harm to the argument than it does good.

If you genuinely believe the best person to put in front of the EU to negotiate the final details of the divorce and then the start of the trade deal has to have had no better than a good Comprehensive education, should have absolutely no legal background in order to fully understand the pitfalls of a comma here or a "but" there, then you really are living in another world.

I am afraid that in the world of 21st century politics the likes of Nye Bevan would be eaten alive and the bones spat out into the gutter.

And do not misunderstand, I am a great fan of Nye, but his time passed some 50 years ago - if not more.
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Andy: Bet he will not give a toss about workers rights, NHS etc - get the idiots out.

Your post is predicated on the assumption that a good comprehensive education is worse than that of an independent school. Wrong IMHumbleO.

It also assumes that politicians need to be omniscient - definitely not the case.

NB perhaps he will pay lip service to the NHS as its a political hot potato atm.
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Richard, you do spout some lubbish sometimes. You have gone off on one about the UN report which in itself is a very dodgy piece of research. Just look at the man’s record.

As a man of research, I am surprised at your apparently blind acceptance of the content.

What prey has it to do with Brexit which was the theme of the thread, I think.

As to the attitiude of Conservative politicians to the NHS, wrong again, though many of them are concerned that is is spending wisely.

As to the independent v comprehensive school debate, well, I am strongly in favour of the former for many reasons, not least that is gives kids the chance to get away from their local environment when boarded, gets them to look outward and beyond, gives them ambition and goals etc. Wont go on as it is not relevant here.
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Richard wrote:

Your post is predicated on the assumption that a good comprehensive education is worse than that of an independent school.

Sometimes Richard that chip on your shoulder gets so big that it blocks your vision and you cannot see past it.

My reference to comprehensive school had nothing to do with him having been to an independent school and everything to do with all of you other objections that followed:

I paraphrase -

was trained at officer level in the military - probably good for defining strategies and having a disciplined approach to problem solving

Went to university - actually quite a good one - well good luck to him, and we do need educated people running the country. Of course you are permitted to think otherwise - but I would submit that there are already enough idiots in politics and we need no more.

Has had legal training - pretty much essential in a roll where everything is going to be defined in a contract (aka treaty).

Sometimes you really do show yourself up as a plonker which means the true arguments that you have get completely lost.
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WB the UN author appears to have an excellent academic record. Just because his chosen field was human rights should not mean that he is labelled as dodgy.

Being a tory MP should definitely be labelled as dodgy though, especially when arriving via the protected (from the local environment indeed) environment of an independent school !
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