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Well I suppose it had to happen - eventually!!!


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Hello everyone,

I'm back, in an alter ego ... a few weeks away is all it takes for this forum to "forget" you and your password and well, I am not the first .. would not accept the passwords they kept sending me to replace my supposedly "forgotten" password .. so I've had to sign in again .. with a totally different email, as they recognised the old one, but still couldn't send me a password which they would then let me use!!!!  Something like 6 times ??????

"Please contact the forum admin if this does not work".  How??? No email given, no link, and when I tried the magazine ones, no reply, or the daemon mailer ... not delivered!!!   Grrrr!

But I miss this old forum, and all the lovely (usually) people on it, so now to catch up replying to all those posts I meant to reply but couldn't ... I suppose the fact that I managed to keep the same ID going for 13 years !!!!!, says something ... anyhow, I'm sure you'll all know who I am.

But this forum could really do with better technical help ... or none of us will bother any more.

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Judith - I had the same problem a couple of times. Some time ago. I tried emailing various people at admin, as well as one of the mods who was a member on another forum.
Can't remember how it was solved, but I think in my last effort to re-join I entered my email address as my original poster name. It was very frustrating.

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