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Now that TM has resigned...


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Tearfully, anyone fancy a punt on the next PM? Liking a flutter sometimes I fancy an outsider as a compromise candidate, Rory Stewart.

They will all fight like cats in a sack and knock each other out, get together to stop Boris and then leave Rory to slip past the lot in the final furlong run in. Well, one hopes so.
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Yes, they might fight but just wait for the tide of insincere, self-serving speeches of regret that will come out of the mealy-mouthed brigade.  How they will say that she had a difficult job, that she was determined, resolute, etc etc and how they themselves shed a tear at her going[6]

I must say that her speech today left me ....er....strangely unmoved...

Don't forget she has lots of other legacies that she'd sooner forget about and here is one comment from a Guardian reader which rings truer than anything that might come out of May's mouth:

‘Don’t let her failure to deliver Brexit overshadow her many other failures’

Is anyone keeping score of the deaths and suicides of benefit

claimants under her Government, the deaths of deportees under her

Government, the wrongful denial of rights to remain, work and study in

the UK under her Government, the deaths in custody under her Government,

the abuse of care home residents under her Government and anything else

that most right minded people would class as burning injustice? Don’t

let her failure to deliver Brexit overshadow her many other failures.

After all it was May herself who said her priority was to get rid of the "burning injustice" in our country and that she was on the side of the just about managing (she called them JAMs.......urgh!)

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Spot on mint! I have no time for this poison challice nonsense, she took the job supposedly as a remainer, and then quickly started sucking up to the far right nut jobs in the tory party, who have now knifed her in the back. Poetic justice really. I didn't watch her resign, but apparently she started blubbering, it is a shame that she did not shed any tears for all the disabled people, whose lives she made total hell.

Now we will have the tory party beauty parade, which supposedly will last up to two months. Sadly it will probably end in Johnston becoming the latest unelected tory prime minister to be hoisted upon the British public. Still he can start abusing Muslim women again, and tell business to F*** off, from the very top, that should boost his ego no end.

So basically the whole thing is a total shambles, Brexit will be on hold, with the prospect of a no-deal being pursued by the far right nut jobs, although the parliamentary arithmetic will not change, so we will see how tough the new PM is, whoever it may be. We have Corbyn doing the hokey-cokey, in-out shake it all about over Brexit, and only the Lib Dems coming out as a truly remain party, and sadly that ghastly man Farage rasing his very ugly head again. All very depressing.

Happy another birthday mint.[B]

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