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Vote For Me, I am More Bonkers Than Him


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Boris starts the ball

rolling with his 'F' business remark and says he is willing to

prorogue Parliament to force his no-deal Brexit through (whilst

ruffling his hair). But wait Jerry fights back, he too says that he

is willing to prorogue Parliament, but with a heavy heart.

Round two, Boris says

screw the JAMs (whilst ruffling his hair), I will give the rich a tax

cut, Jerry is having none of this, he promises to cut corporation tax

to 12.5%, I can reach the bottom quicker than you Boris.

Jerry thinks things

aren't going too well, after Boris says the UK will leave the EU on

the 31st October 'do or die' (whilst ruffling his hair).

Back comes Jerry, yesterday when asked a question he states that

wrecking someones business is a price worth paying to leave the EU.

Today Jerry takes the

initiative, bringing forward the deadline for Brexit to the 30th

September if the EU doesn't roll over by then. Stop ruffling your

hair Boris, we all know that you can do better than that.

Boris has been using

his race card for a long time now and Jerry is way behind. Boris has

insulted Muslim women, black people and had a pop at the French for

good measure. Jerry had a cunning plan though, he stated that his

Chinese wife is in fact Japanese. Sorry Jerry you really have not got

the hang of how the race card is played.

So one of these two

clowns is going to be the next unelected tory prime minister. What

hope have we got?

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[quote user="woolybanana"]Are there any other politicians capable of doing the job of getting Brexit done with, whichever way?[/quote]

They aren't capable of getting brexit 'done'. The maths in parliament are still the same..no majority for anything. The only one who I think did have a chance was Rory Stewart, as he seemed to talk compromise..but that was not enough for the extremists.
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[quote user="woolybanana"]It is quite legitimate to question someone about their age as it maybe a factor in their fitness for office.[/quote]

I don't know about age per se, but health yes.. people were concerned about Theresa May and her type 1 diabetes and also about Donald Trump's mental health. It was the 'leaking' by civil servants that was dodgy. Personally I think all potential prime ministers or presidents should have to undergo comprehensive medical and psychological assessments to ensure they are fit for the job. I would include drug screening in that. Occupational health screening is mandatory for many jobs.
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Didn't Trump write his own medical testimonial and get his doctor to sign it.? (Rhetorical question. I'm sure he did). You'd have to wonder how easy it would be to get an honest appraisal of these things, given the seeming lack of honest politicians anywhere.

"Seeming"? Who am I kidding...
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richard51 wrote:


These people are below contempt.

Hopefully the EU will suspend them with no pay soon.

Would you say the same about the Liberals who showed up with T-shirts saying Rollocks to Brexit printed on them? Forum won't allow the real words.
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They ( lib dems) were rude to the democratic will of the majority, but that's their right, free speech and all that.

Re the Brexit party's actions, it seems like their logic is that having an anthem implies the EU see themselves a s a state, which annoys them. Its weak argument, I think, and it would have been more statesman like to just stand and listen.

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Hunt has tweeted a message to the Chinese government. Twitter is blocked in China.

The message is about the need for countries to respect their international commitments if they want respect.

His tweet has hundreds of replies pointing him to the GFA, the UK's exit payment to Brussels and its whole disrespectful attitude to the EU.

Politician? Diplomat?

Bonkers plus.
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Hunt the Twunt. Mind you, although Twitter IS blocked in China, I'm not sure how many of the Chinese got that particular memo. Everyone in China has a VPN so they can use social media. I'm a bit surprised people stop staring at their screens for long enough to do a protest.
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Widdecombe is all over this for the publicity. I think her rich seam of "I'm a dancing celebrity cook a bake off life swap goggle box get me out of here" income has begun to dry up, and she needs to find new ways of drawing attention to herself.
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