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Thank you for your usual level of insults, richard. But given you are a JC supporter nothing more is to be expected.

I am beginning to think that reading is your problem as well.

Doubtless the courts have answered different questions, but the different conclusions give the Supreme Court an interesting moment.

I would like to be in the simple courtroom of the Supreme Court to hear the result.
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Scotland might still be in the UK, but they have always had a different legal system.  I am not on firm ground in this particular case but let's just await the results of the supreme court, eh?

There's enough speculation and what-ifs in all of the media and it's getting increasingly tedious.  I wish they'd just go back to reporting the news as it happens and not resort to endless speculation.  Who needs 24-hour rolling coverage?  All we need is what's happened or happening to be stated and none of this endless interviewing of people, asking for their opinions which may or may not be interesting/relevant/informed[+o(]

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