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Perhaps the EU should glance East


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What a bizarre racist view of the Middle Eastern people you have Cathar Tours- a stage on from that of Idun.


It would indeed be best for the West neither to give nor sell weapons to any factions in Middle East and to keep out of their politics totally.

TE Lawrence fought alongside Arab forces during world war 1and I believe was shocked at how they were let down afterwards by the British. I think that quoting a storyline from a movie as true fact is somewhat strange.

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I suppose that the question is, why are we not oppressed and live in a fairly 'free' society????

Please do excuse my spelling as I do my best and am rather dyslexic, and sometimes look up a word to spell and am so wayout, that even the thesaurus cannot hazard a guess. Not lack of vocabulary, just the way my little brain processes spelling.

So my theory is that our ancestors, the oppressed the villeins to surfs, simply the peasant class fought back, bit by bit and bit by bit our lot got to this amazing place in history.

So why do  the young men especially,  flee their countries that have despots and wars. For me they should be getting their own country on the right tracks. I realise that they would be  risking their lives, well, but as we see, they are prepared to do that to get to Europe anyway, why not their own country???? but apparently better to hitch a ride on people's that were brave enough to fight for their rights.

And what of our rights?? I feel like they are now being diminished as people move and want all as it was in their country of origin. And I am  fully aware of that, having moved to another country myself and trying to integrate as much as I could. It was simply respectful.

Re My comments about Palestine, they  were my fathers as it was said, that we should listen to those who were there. Well I listened and remembered and even got him to record his 'life'.

However one views his views is unimportant, as he is no longer here to discuss it.

And good on the people of Hong Kong who are fighting for their rights, I reckon that China will not put up with much more, but they have my unadulterated admiration.

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I wasn’t criticising your spelling Idun. More that of those

who use totally incorrect words, which sound similar to what they mean.

I suppose, really, our ancestors had nowhere to go that was

much better, so had little choice but to fight back, unlike refugees today, who

hear of better places to live and are misled by people traffickers.

Re. Palestine and the war, it’s not worth arguing with those

who are really not informed, and get snippets of information by watching movies and using Google. (Other search engines are available)

The Hong Kong demonstrators are brave to go up against the

Chinese State, although they are only attackinging and undermining their own

police force at present, and heading for a showdown with PRC forces.

They should maybe get more support from Britain, but only

fine words are likely from that quarter.

Perhaps their cause would endure longer if they didn’t cause

so much wanton damage to public and private property.

They need the sympathy of the mass of the Republic’s

population, and are unlikely to gain it with their current policy of attacking the property of PRC individuals and




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Well there you go - the commander in chief of the old Codgers brigade and their God has finally agreed with my comment on this thread that the US of A, representing the West, should not be sticking its nose into the Middle East. Just like BoJo !! the well documented liar, sacked as a journalist, but still so popular as a racist is showing his true Bullington club philosophy and continuing it whilst in politics.

NB - I like how most posts here are becoming useful - I will apologise for this particular one but hope some others will realise they that they also need to do the same - without personal attacks.
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