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[quote user="richard51"]Edward VIII was named after his deceased uncle, Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, who had always been known as Eddy.

Goodness knows what he was called at his parties.[/quote]

What a ridiculous argument!  Edward VII, Victoria's eldest son was always known as Bertie but he wasn't King Bertie, was he?

And our present queen was known as Lillibet privately from a young age and we don't call her Queen Lillibet, do we?

But, OF COURSE, whilst you can call Edward VIII by some shortened name, your own name can't be shortened could it?  So it's yet another case of your hypocrisy and disrespect for others while demanding respect for yourself.  Doesn't work that way, respect has to be EARNED.  You'd raise merry hell if someone called you er.....well, I'd better not, eh?

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Hey, who are you calling Imperious?

Mint who must be obeyed perhaps but imperious?  Never!

Maybe I could learn to cast spells and extract obedience?  But, I'd probably end up as Mint the Teenage Witch (born-again teenager, of course!)

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