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No 'as you were' in Spain and Europe?


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Who is being prejudiced here, just how could you call everyone who who voted leave, BNP types.  In the sense of the British National Party, of which I know nothing at all.

You type those initials BNP, and I automatically imagine the french bank, been a customer since February 1981. And that coco, is a very long time.

Frankly I am not exactly sure what racism is. On every part of the planet there is rivalry between different groups, clans, whatever you want to call them. Sometimes becoming horrific wars, ethnic cleansing etc, and frankly it is far from just 'whites' who do this........ it happens on most of the planet no matter the colour of skin or the morphology of the people's concerned.

Then there are religious groupings who just make everything so much worse.

You are so often on your soap box, as if only your views have validity and I find them one sided and discriminatory.

nb and re the BNP, just what would you think if I said BP, the petrol company??? Blood pressure???? Boiling Point????


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Idun - totally agree with you.   Why is that African countries who do not want immigration, who control their own borders, who stand up for their independence are praised;  and yet the poor old UK, which has accepted without too much strife huge waves of immigration from the 1950s onwards (about  which the |British people were never consulted), right through to the huge numbers of eu immigration - and now wishes to be free of the eu, gets kicked, and kicked and kicked by the loony ill--liberal leftists.  

Of all the new homes that are 'needed' in the UK it is estimated that 75% plus are down simply to immigration.   Then the NIMBYS are out in force protesting, rightly; but those very same NIMBYS will have supported political parties which have allolwed all the immigration, and believe in the eu.

There is no 'joined up' common-sense thinking any more in government - or voters; and the people at the lower end of the social scale have really borne the brunt of uncontrolled immigration


Now I'll probably get shot down, but why are the 'bleeding hearts' allowed to get away with being 'bleeding hearts' for anyone - but their own fellow ethnic group.

Chessie (hiding in the bunker !!)

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And just look at France, in general, protectionism, chauvinism...... and that is put down to the french being french, and it can be hard for non french, or perceived non french, due to their 'look' or their actual name to get jobs etc.

Don't hide in the bunker, your views are yours and as valid as anyone else's. And there is so much that needs doing in the UK at least to get those who have fallen through the cracks.

PS Even if people disagree, does it matter???? Would it change your point of view???? and why should it?

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Hoddy said:

‘’Richard you really have gone too far this time.

The forum is not

"Strange that it cant be policed better."

as badly policed as you seem to think.’’

Well said, Hoddy; I was just catching up on this thread and was totally astonished to read that comment!

You facilitate a light touch on this forum, which is very much appreciated, and most posters rub along together very well. It’s a pity that not all posters even try to get along with others.

Posters don’t all hold the same view on every subject, how could we, but a bit of goodwill and give and take go a long way.

Edited as I had forgotten that quoting when using my ipad causes gobbledegook.
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