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Guide dogs


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A few days ago a blind man got told off by a vegan for having a guide dog. And yesterday a group of vegans refused to use a venue which overlooked a dog track that was not in use.

Which throws up a number of questions: how far is it wrong to use animals for sport or as human helpers?

Does veganism encourage extreme views, are vegans extremists, are vegans choosing the most extreme positions just because the can never be wrong? Is veganism the only answer to word problems? Would a reduction in the number of vegans reduce the world population sufficiently to save the planet?

Are there any vegans in France?

I tried the Gregg’s vegan sausage roll - very good, except for the grasshopper wings!?
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I suppose that if vegans took things to the limit then they should be asking 'have any non vegans been involved in producing my nut cutlet' :)

What ever your views you should accept that others may have different views, seems some vegans are not inclined to accept that.

Perhaps, the Romans had the right idea, one in ten goes. Do that each year and population problems solved in the future.

You can imagine the amount of courage that the French youngsters must have in coming out and saying 'Mum, Dad, I'm vegan'.
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My view, and it is simply how I feel about it is, that IF we, in

our early stages as primates had become exclusive herbivores, then we

would still be living as 'monkeys'. I believe, I mean I really believe that

being omnivores made humans survive.


actually discussed this last night. IF we got rid of all the animals we

eat, then they would not exist any more, we would have no need for these

'domesticated' animals.

And the wild animals,

what of them, as just how much land production will have to be turned

over to vegan products for this over populated planet if we stop eating


Many years ago I had some folk staying with us who are rather well known singers. One was a vegetarian. Another also, very well known person came to eat with us and asked what I was doing, and I said that I was getting a meal ready for 'Bill'. She went spare, said her brother was an xxxx vegan and just put 'Bill's dinner out and if he eats he eats and if he doesn't he'll be hungry.

Basically, I find vegans extremists, but apparently extremism in the 'current' age is acceptable. And what of their kids and their diet for growth and health???

PS Recently I read this, and I don't know which vegan actress it was, but she was out with fellow film stars and because of the 'menu' she ended up having some fish and felt like her brain had rebooted.

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I once had a friend (once 'cos she was older than me and is now dead), who was vegetarian ... and did not drink alcohol either, nor use face cream etc ... only soap and water (coincidentally she had the best skin I've ever seen!), but she never ever asked anyone else to follow her ways, nor did she criticise if you ate meat or drank alcohol.  She was very adaptable.  Omelettes were always acceptable.  We once turned up at a pub for lunch, I was driving, and we ordered non-alcoholic drinks, with the comment, she doesn't drink, and I am driving!  No problem, even in the days when drinking was much, much more evident.

We have another vegetarian friend who will however eat fish when needed ... but as he adores cheese, that's no problem to feed him!! Vegans, well, I think they have to look outside their internal thoughts. If you replaced the land given to meat production with that given for non meat production, just as much would be used up. 

Much better to eat all types of nourriture in moderation, and by that I do actually mean much less meat than is normally served ... with loads of veg instead!!

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Indeed, happily no holier than thou attitudes amongst my veggie friends, luckily ... though certainly when we ate at a veggie's it was all veg, but I have to say absolutely filling and delish, and there was plenty of wine and cheese to continue ... and the bestest apricot crumble ... even meat eating hubby enjoyed it and came away stuffed full ... (I was not able to enjoy the wine (much), as I was driving and also off wine because of medication during that that period!!).

But veggie food has to be tasty and spiced well, otherwise it is just mush..

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Lehaut, I too have had that with veggie friends, their concession was serving us quorn, which is a little strange. And to be asked all the time during the meal if I could tell the difference....... which is actually really rude.

I said nothing, and just ate as I had been brought up to.

And Judith, your post made me think of my childhood. Northern english meals, lots and lots of veggies, a little meat and gravy, followed by a pud and usually with custard.

When I was young, chickens were expensive, we only had them at christmas and sometimes easter. A bird had to last at least three meals for the four of us, so we had a portion, a very controlled portion. The bones later boiled for soup.

And on top of that, we walked miles and miles and miles from a very young age..........we were all slim[Www]

Another thing I don't understand these days is all the allergies to various foods people seem to have. Why is that?

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Idun, funny food, too clean (air sprays in house etc, never allowed to play in street, and join wiht others ... too protective, read an article about it somewhere that kids need to be introduced to infections at a very early age, so that they can build immunity, after 6mths - a year it is too late .. hence the problem as I see it.  And yes, your menu was  much as ours was, and lots of exercise as we had no car in the early years and walked to school .. in fact we only ever didn't walk to school in our last year at grammar when we moved house and it wasn't possible ...

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We also only ever had chicken at Christmas.

Much like others, playing outside all the time, no sprays etc, meals basic as mentioned, no allergies, but friends 2 doors down had TB, which meant that they disappeared to a sanatorium for quite some time.

Our younger son, besides eating anything and everything on offer, even third helpings at cub camp, which they had never come across previously, was found several times eating rotting bits of carrot from our compost heap.

He was never ill although he was well known at A&E as he was a daredevil. Thank goodness there were no concerns at that time about such injuries he had, although he had broken bones when away with cubs and on a school exchange in France, so it wasn’t only with the family.
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