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What on earth is wrong with the UK medical system.

Cathar Tours

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First there was Saville. People obviously helped him so why was nobody else "done". I mean who gave him the keys to the hospital wards so he could fiddle with the kids there. Even the bloke who drove him there never got done.

More recently we have a Doctor who has been preforming mastectomies and worse, whatever worse is on women who does not have cancer. People must have had suspicions and as the head of the enquiry said knew and actually helped him carry out the operations so why are they not locked up as well?

We have a mentally challenged young man who threw a child off a building. Said more than once it's what he wanted to do and was even recorded saying it which was played back to senior staff who took no notice. Why are they not being charged with aiding and abetting. I mean if you were the child's parents how you feel now this has come out?

Then there is the dentist who has had a million or more out the NHS having charged patients for his services and then charging the NHS for doing the same work on the same people.

Now we have another GP who has sexually assorted over 70 women (and that's the ones they know about) being locked up. Like the other fella seems to have used cancer as an excuse to go round feeling women's tities (and they wonder why women are reluctant visit male doctors when they get a lump in their breast).

Why are there no "undercover medical cops" doing the rounds checking up in doctors etc. to ensure they are not up to no good?

Seems the UK medical profession has a lot to answer for these days in the UK.
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ALBF -Cathar Tours is not suggesting that it only happens in the UK and no doubt it happens in France too.

The NHS should have a more robust accounting system in place.

In the UK sexual cases it was quite clear that in the case of Savill and the mastectomy doctor there were people who knew who should have done something about it.

I think I'm right in saying that women can ask to see a woman doctor and have the right to have a chaperone at medical examinations.

It seems that there are more men than I'd ever have imagined who are wiling to use their power to satisfy their sexual desires however weird.

We don't yet know the complete facts about the case o the boy with autism, but it looks as though austerity may have played a part in it.
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Thank you Hoody the ones I mentioned did happen in the UK which is why I was being specific. I don't know what happens in France. There have been issues with the church in Germany. With the exception of Saville these all seem to have happened in recent times.

What my point is (and it's the same with the priests in Germany) is that people have enabled these perpetrators yet they get away with it. The system is corrupt, they sacrifice the perpetrator then they go hid when they are just as guilty as the perpetrators.

With Catholic priests for instance who kidie fiddle little boys all over the world should not "Gods representative" also be held responsible. He is their boss after all and the buck has to stop at the top.

What happens to the victims? A pat on their hand and a "there, there still we caught him/her so never mind"?

I would like to place the blame at a political parties door but all this has been going on for so long it appears they are all to be blamed if they are to be blamed at all.
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