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Potential to lose UK citizenship

Cathar Tours

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I get these weekly updates about Brexit from HM government. In amongst the one I received today was this little ditty.


After March 29th 2022 you will need to apply for a visa to live permanently in the UK even though you are a UK citizen. Whilst technically you could end up as a UK citizen you wouldn't have any of the rights of a UK citizen. Then there is an issue of healthcare access which Boris said wouldn't be a problem so read the new situation by using the links inside the document.

Not a problem any of this for us younger folk because we haven't paid anything in and very shortly I will cease to be a UK citizen but it does seem rather messy and unfair perhaps when you read the requirements to older folk.

There was another link to information on medicine and getting hold of it.


What is really interesting is within the document mainly the link as follows.


If I lived in the UK I think I would quietly set about quietly stock piling my favourite food stuffs seeing as most of the UK imported food comes from within the EU. I noticed the other day that Britain's favourite sauces namely HP and Lee and Perring's are made in Holland. I gather it's not the price of the actual food but the cost of shipping it i.e. paperwork and people to do it but it's all in the documents I have linked to.
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I think you need to read it more carefully and understand the different types of British nationality and sorts of British citizen https://www.gov.uk/types-of-british-nationality and


Regarding visas, the article you quoted does not mention they will be needed for British Nationals but does mention children/spouses/etc. as they may have a different sort of citizenship.

Returning from the EU

UK nationals’ children and existing close family members (including spouses, partners, parents and grandparents) who are moving to the UK from the EU, after the UK has left the EU, will be able to do so without the need for a visa until 29 March 2022. Those moving to the UK after 29 March 2022 will need to apply for a visa.

Other dependent family members and future spouses of UK nationals (where the relationship was established with the UK national after the UK has left the EU) who are returning to the UK from the EU, after the UK has left the EU, will be able to do so without the need for a visa until 31 December 2020. Those moving to the UK after 31 December 2020 will need to apply for a visa.

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You appear to be dancing between two different UK status. You need to check the definition of UK citizen against UK national.
Whereas most of the world operates interchangability between citizen and national as a single status the UK, apparently, doesn't.

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According to the BMI a German citizen cannot hold another citizenship. However somebody from another country can apply for German citizenship. In this case according to the BMI 99% of people keep both citizenships. Only around 25% of those who gain citizenship are from within the EU.

Personally I have made a decision to get rid of my UK citizenship because I have not contributed there and really don't see the point. There certainly is no advantage.

That said you can only ask and whilst in 99% of cases you can they can actually refuse to allow you to renounce your UK citizenship.


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