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spare a thought for...


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I have lots of thoughts, but most of them require les gros mots, I will spare you the rant.

I just hope Mr. BIDEN and Ms. HARRIS make it into the White House alive !  As to the current inhabitant, it would not bother me if they hauled him out in a box. 

I also expect the White House will need to be thoroughly searched to make sure it is safe for the new administration to move in.

Those two wins in Georgia should make things a bit easier for Mr. BIDEN; at least in the short term.  Without those, he would not be allowed to accomplish anything.

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When Obama was elected, OH worried that he might be assassinated before he could be inaugurated. Fortunately, that didn't happen.

I hope JB gets inaugurated as well without too much bloodshed for anybody. But these are different times and things look more uncertain this time around.

We'll just all have to hope (and pray for those who believe in God) that it will all happen and the poisonous one is removed one way or another.
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I'm slightly concerned about some private militia-organised catastrophe at the Inauguration - terrifyingly well-equipped, some of these groups. But putting that aside and looking forward to the presidency: at least the guy taking hold of the poisoned chalice has the experience of two full terms as vice-president to draw upon.

He's not going to need to - or want to - pull in rafts of people who have no idea what they're doing other than arriving with a desire to deconstruct and trash that which had gone before. And personally profit from the new. This should be an experienced administration from the start. Which, considering the pandemic and everything it is doing to countries globally, can only be a good thing.
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Yes, Catalpa, I think that too; that JB has lots and lots of experience. I heard that he has been in one prominent position or other since he was 33. So he knows all the ropes and he doesn't seem the least bit intimidated by all the Trump would-be murderers and destroyers.
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Joe (president elect) Biden. Hmm?


he was a state senator from 1973 until 2009, before he went on to serve

two terms as vice-president of the United States until 2017, he was in

2018 not the most well known person in Delaware, America's second

smallest state, which he represented for 36 years.  That accolade fell

to Aubrey Plaza, a 33 year old comedienne.

All the US achieved on November the 3rd was to deselect one 70+ gadger only to elect another 70+ gadger.


wouldn't be at all suprised if he doesn't get to complete his full term in

office but ends his time as just a shoe in for Kamala Harris sometime

prior to the 2024 election.

As to the original

question 'spare a thought', well the above are my thoughts and  let's

not lose sight of the fact that he chose to take the path he did.
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I shall be pleased when the next few weeks are over, but especially this week with someone who obviously shouldn't have them, having the nuclear codes. AND the power to start a war, whether it be with say Iran or a civil war in the US.

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