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Thus far we have not had colds this winter.

Just goes to show that masks and keeping hands clean is helping.

I wouldn't want the Russian vaccine. I truly do not trust the Russians. The vaccine testing may be brilliant, but, how can I put this, how easy would it to be to tamper with it? They have form for dirty deeds.
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My wife and I had vaccinations booked for this coming Thursday. This morning an email telling me they have been cancelled and to try again in a month!!! Talk about shambles!!!! Still, as long as there is E.U. solidarity what does it matter!!!

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Ken, sorry to read about your cancellations.

Idun, I didn’t care which vaccine I was given either. But our GP called me in for a vaccination clinic for older patients who have allergies requiring the carrying of epipens.

We all had the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine and I’m content with that.

We are due to have our second jabs at Easter, but aren’t planning doing anything other than continuing with our quiet lives. Hugs with young granddaughters and and walks further away from home are our aims after a few weeks.

Some of you might not have seen this excellent news about protection given by the Pfizer and Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines after the first jab:

Covid vaccines - 'spectacular' impact on serious illness https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56153600
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GG, good news indeed, yes, I saw it, and thought about it when reading all the posts about lack of vaccine (being also affected by the impossibility of getting an appointment to begin with). 

Somehow, we all have to learn to live with life as it will be .. and vaccination, partial or otherwise, is the only route out of the current situation at present.  I do know people who have had the first dose of vaccine (mainly in the UK, but not excusively) and I know of only 2 who felt a little unwell for 24hrs.  Second doses, when achieved seem to have have had little further effect.

As per a post from NormanH, yes, France may have completed more 2-dose jabs than the UK, but as the second dose only gives a small extra protection it is less than helpful, and gives only slightly more than 1 million people protected, whilst the UK now has almost 18 million with good if not full protection.  I know which I'd choose any day.  Nor would I worry about which vaccine I got. Get those antibodies working even if only partially in the majority of the population and you stand some chance of being able to return to normal sooner rather than later as will not be the case in France.

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Wooly, I know you were asking about being vaccinated though I can't remember on which thread!

Anyway here is an extract from an article about us, you, me and anyone between ages 65 and 74.  We are truly the "forgotten ones"[:@]

Trop âgés pour le vaccin d’AstraZeneca, pas assez pour ceux de Pfizer

et Moderna, les Français de 65 à 74 ans ne savent pas quand ils

pourront se faire vacciner. Une situation qui inquiète et agace

Jack Martin, habitant de Saint-Pierre-d’Irube (Pays basque), fondait beaucoup d’espoir dans la campagne de vaccination contre le Covid-19, lancée en fin d’année dernière en France. Mais ce retraité de 66 ans a rapidement déchanté.

“On a commencé par vacciner les plus anciens, ce qui est

logique, admet-il. Mais maintenant, ma tranche d’âge n’est pas prise en

compte alors que je vois des gens plus jeunes que moi se faire


PS apologies to those who post after this one.  I have had to go back and alter the age range; to correctly read 65 - 74.  So, if your post appears after mine, it is entirely my error...oops, blushing....

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ALBF, you might as well ask why not hold Castex, Véran to account?  After all, one is charged with the operational side of parliamentary decisions, carrying them out in an efficient manner, etc.  And the other with all matters related to health.

What do you ever hear from either of those two?  Same old, same old, our staff are doing a marvellous job, our elderly and most fragile are protected di da di da di da.  I now can't stand them and can't listen to either of them without wanting to throw something at the tv.

 I see Véran himself has been vaccinated, and on tv, so he's all right, Jack[6]

OH has even received a letter from CPAM, asking him to get himself vaccinated if he hasn't been done already.  So he took the letter to his MT?  Result?  Nothing, nil, zilch.....

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 And that ALBF is the most naive post I have ever seen you write, you know darned well why they don't have a go at him over this or anything. You know what french journalists are like where the state is concerned, journalists have a thick red line that they do not cross as if they do, it has not historically gone well.

AND in the UK they are equally stupid, because they report and report and frankly as far as I am concerned do not report and hold the government to rights about some things that are pertinent and affect ordinary people.

You just wait as soon as there is a whiff of this being over they are going to have a right go at the NHS about being behind with operations and appointments. I know people who work in frontline roles in the NHS, they are mentally and physically exhausted.  With this, no matter the care, the deaths involved are not only upsetting for the staff involved  but is wearing them down.

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[quote user="alittlebitfrench"]i know Idun.

France has state controlled media. No different to Russia.

To be fair to the UK, the media does hold the government to account.[/quote]

I can't agree that France has state controlled media. They do have very strict rules for sure regarding privacy but state controlled, I don't think so. I do think the news is very poor mind you, international news is almost non existent and domestic news varies tremendously from channel to channel. I have said, often, that I find French people at least where I live to be quite ignorant regarding politics for example. Not surprising when they are never informed of anything other than trivia. The government, the E.U. and almost any major organisation are really if ever, covered.

I habitually watch a mid day quiz show, quite entertaining but I am constantly appalled at the lack of knowledge displayed regarding anything international or geographical. I actually feel quite embarrassed for the contestants at times. Is that because the media is state controlled or something lacking in the education system. I don't know the answer. I do know that many of the breakthroughs throughout history in science and culture and credited to France are often by an immigrant who has taken French nationality. The media is pathetic generally, at least the T.V. news. State controlled though, no I don't think so.
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Sadly I can go back a long way and it was a rude lesson to me when a wonderful journalistic program called Taxi on the old FR3 was pulled.

Manifs were on the go in Paris, I think students and I was watching the program when it was stopped and never to be seen again.

In fact I didn't see Philippe Alfonsi on the tv for quite a number of years.

Taxi was on tv in the late 1980's.

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I am pleased that you have made some progress, but can anyone tell me what they are playing at, messing people around like this.

Everyone should have a health number, whether they are in Alsace Lorraine or elsewhere with Amelie. So why not contact people by letter and let them book on line. A bit of a hassle, but never the less, if they have plenty of options then most people will manage to get their booking and vaccinations.

And those in very rural areas, call the forces in and their medical staff to do the rounds. This is not rocket science just a little organisation.

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Idun, stangely, I was saying something along the same lines about 15 mins ago.  Those who are in the age groups and co-mobordities "allowed" are most likely to be seen regularly by a doctor, and certainly in the health system.  Ordo from doctor, gets you an appt et voilà.  Logistics planning for the vaccination does not seem to be a skill practised by the health services currently it seems.

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 Well Wooly said ordannance, and that is the BIG difference. We don't have them, we simply make an appointment or are told to go to a certain point and get our jabs, c'est tout.

IF the GP organises it, they call and they tell you which site to go to, or we go on the web site and input our National Health Number and then answer the questions asked, there are not many and the site asks a few health questions.

The hard bit is to get both appointments locally. Although, I admit the temptation to have a good drive out somewhere to get a jab, was really quite tempting, it would have felt like a real adventure.

Once you start adding layers and layers, it slows things down.

I am surprised as France, for some things is well organised, and why they are not for this, well, I just do not get it. What is the 'game' they are playing? About time that people started writing to their deputes in vast numbers and then something should get done. The fonctionnaires do not like to be questioned by those elected by the 'people'.

And the next thing I will add is, that the GP's as far as I am aware, have not yet automatically given second appointment dates, although I would imagine never the less, that they are in hand. HOWEVER, for those of us who booked on line, we have our second appointments booked, so those figures, for being fully inoculated will start going through the roof soon. 

There are 446 million people in the EU and only about 32 million vaccinations done. And what 67 million in the UK and we are getting on for 20 million with a first dose and as I said, those second does figures will rush up in the next few weeks. You cannot have a second dose without a first dose.

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Yes, Idun, I don’t know anyone who received their vaccine at their GP surgery who was given a date for their second jab.

My GP told me that he would ring me again around 12 weeks after my first jab to go in the following day, just as he did for the first.

Everyone I know who went to a vaccination hub was given their second appointment on the vaccination card they were given with details of the first one.
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Mainstream peeps in France are totally unaware of the situation in the UK and Europe. They don't watch the news.

They probably think France is doing really well.

The media is shît in telling the truth.

The reality is that it is a disaster here in France.

Disaster !

The government have no idea what to do.

Macron is only thinking of his presidential election next year.

No one is in charge.

In between all this Covid thing, youths in suburbs are stabbing each other to death.

France is not in a good place at the moment.

Don't move to France.
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Oh, ALBF, I wish we could visit our home in France, but can’t imagine it before autumn, if then.

Quite a few French friends are very aware about the huge shortcomings in vaccinations in France and how things are going in other parts of the world.

There’s anger about the lack of progress in France, at Macron’s answer about the ‘quasi effectiveness’ of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine and how the EU is handling vaccinations.

I watched a French tv news report a couple of evenings ago about young teens racing around stabbing one another, it seemed to be spreading like a rash - extremely worrying!

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Articles in the Connexion are appreciated by some, decried by others, but I thought that some might be interested in this article:

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Two points -
1.  Talk of side-effects of the vax.

I think it's becoming very clear that those who have strong reactions are likely to be the young, or very healthy older people.   Scientists and medical people have all come to the same conclusion; ie the more pronounced the reaction, the stronger the immune system is, and the higher the protection from the chinese virus afterwards.

2.  To avoid any reactions it's now being suggested by some of the medical bods that one should take a paracetamol IMMEDIATELY AFTER having the vaccination - that you do NOT wait for any symptoms - you take it anyway as a precaution.

But it's all academic for us at the moment anyway, isn't it ?

What a farce; what a disgrace.  I do not understand the french media - aren't any of them clever enough, or brave enough perhaps - to start challenging the story from the eu and France that 'everything is going well'.
No it b---y well isn't - and it is time the media - or so-called journalists - really started to challenge the comments made by Macron, and the eu.
The fact they don't question, and maybe don't read the news from other eu countries, should raise some very disturbing questions in the minds of the citizens of the eu.

Why are the journalists so scared - or so brain-washed ?   Something rotten at the 'heart' (does it have one?) of the eu

Not a happy place France at the moment - and it's not likely to get any better for another year.


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Without any need for statistics, and from my own experience of friends and family (other than the younger ones) in both countries.  Almost everyone I know in the UK has had at least the first dose, of once vaccine or another.  Here in France, almost no-one I know has had even one.

Says it all. First doses are proving to be much better at protecting than the original research proved, but because it was "not invented here", France refuses to accept it, and continues in its own incompetent, at least in this matter, way.

Now we are told that my age group will start to be vaccinated by the end of April .. now I'll believe that one when it happens, and not before.

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Judith, what you have written could equally have come from me!  Our great minds thinking alike, then?[:P]

Went on the sante.fr site yesterday, as is now my daily habit and note that the Dordogne has now 3 new sites in addition to the new one they added about a fortnight ago.  Still no slots of course, all the sites, new and old say the same thing:  because of strong demand, there is no more availability, try again another time or try another site.  NOT that I suddenly expected to find a créneau for my OH.  OTOH, I did speak to a real life person in Périgueux earlier in the week.  Hope springs eternal, etc.....

Heard news of 2 people from a mutual friend.  One is 88 and the other 85 and both are from my neighbourhood.  The 85 year old has got nowhere with RVs and the 88 has now said he will no longer be bothering as it's all getting too much for him.  I am naturally very sad that someone of that age has now avowed that he will no longer seek vaccination.

Meanwhile, keep feeling impotent, folk......best NOT to feel too hopeful.  It will happen when it happens just as the phone messages say, there will be disponibility ulterieurement[+o(]

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