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Imports to the UK from the EU


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Interestingly, our Morrisons supermarket had plenty of fresh fruit and veg from Spain. I didn't notice anything from other countries, but I wasn't on a detecting mission, just looking for my usual shopping.

Lots of spanish strawberries, which must have got here quickly because strawberries don't keep, so something must be working OK.

We have a wonderful old fashioned food emporium, in fact I would call it gourmet, in this region, better than Hediard!  And we called in the other day, they were lacking in some foods though, and no merguez, which is the only place we can currently get them. We did get some raclette cheese though. And in general they were well stocked with world wide goods.

If things are starting to 'flow',then hopefully next time we go there, we will be able to get some merguez.

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UK have yet to implement border controls for imports.


Most of the foreign lorries are returning empty which is why the projected queues at the ports have not materialised and in turn providing BoJo with false stats with which to claim that everything is working normally which everyone knows they are not.

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