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Home Insurance - Any recomendations please?

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We have a second home in midi Pyrenees are 31. Can anyone recommend an English speaking insurance broker please?

Our current insurer can't seem to send renewal notifications and certificates.

Thanks in anticipation of any help.




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Although we are in the Gers (32), we used a company called Philippe Schreinemachers who are brokers for Generali

They are dutch, but their English is better than mine.  They are very helpful, and send everything out either via email, or direct to us in the UK. 

PM me if you want contact details


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We use Pacifica (Credit Agricole via Britline).

We had a problem with a massive leak following an error by our builders which did thousands of euros worth of damage to our bathroom.  Although it was the builder's fault, Pacifica paid up (the money was in our account 48 hours after the inspector came) and they settled with the builder's insurance direct.  We were really impressed by the service, I must say. 

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I used Pacifica when we first moved to France, as it was the easiest way at the time, via our bank (Credit Agricole) until I found that Groupama offered the same cover for less than 2/3 of what Pacifica were charging us.

Also, Groupama have an office just down the road, who are very helpful, whereas CA don't want to know about anything once they have sold the policy, and just tell one to contact Pacifica.

I don't know about other areas, but Groupama have a strong presence around here, with offices in several very small towns. 

They also throw in Protection Juridique for no extra charge, for which CA charged an extra 60€ pa.

A claim for storm damage early last year was paid in full, a week after we sent them the dévis, and we are currently using the PJ to claim for expenses incurred when our car broke down after filling up from a Super 95 pump, whose tank had been accidentally filled with diesel. This is taking rather longer, as the supermarket concerned (Intermarché at Colayrac saint Cirq, N of Agen) is not responding promptly.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't read your post properly. As far as I know, our local Groupama office don't have anyone who speaks English. (But neither does the bank). I'm afraid I didn't think of that as being neccessary when we moved here.




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We also have a second home in 31. We were insured with a broker in the north of the country - someone on this forum supplied the details, sorry cannot remember. However, with the £ v euro changing I tried comparing what it would cost to insure with an British company. I now insure with Hiscox who, if memory serves me correctly, were not the cheapest but have virtually no exclusion / small print and were cheaper than renewing with the broker in France. Of course any contact and documentation is in English.


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