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In my opinion, this is the best forum on the net for people who want to move to France or learn more about living here to exchange ideas and obtain support. We have been here for a little over a year and found this site about 2 years ago. As someone mentioned in another thread, it should be mandatory reading for anyone preparing to move to France.

There have been many days when this site has been a lifeline to me (especially when we first moved to France) and I am sure to many others as well. Speaking for myself, when the site is down, rarely, or having problems, I panic a bit.

It now seems to be working fine and I just wanted to say thanks and hope the exhibition is going well.

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I was very glad to see these postings this morning, because I visited the LF stand at the exhibition yesterday and first had a little chat with Eleanor's colleagues because Eleanor was at lunch. I told them to tell her I symphathised with her problems with La Mairie and not to let it get to her when some people have a moan.

"Please come back to the stand and tell her that because she sometimes gets rather down in the dumps when there is a lot of moaning" they said. So I returned later and told her myself. She was very pleased to hear most of us do appreciate this forum.

After all, my feeling is that its free-of-charge, is an invaluable source of information and links up many people who might not otherwise have met.

Keep up the good work Eleanor - I for one do really appreciate it.

Incidentally, if you are visiting the exhibition, do go and see Eleanor, she said its nice to put a face to a name.

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I have only recently started using this site and it is fantastic!!!Had I found it earlier we could have been more ready to attempt the great escape...........

We are moving to France at the end of this year, two oap's who can no longer afford to live in the UK and after horrendous problems with the house we are living in do not want to anyway. Be wary of children who buy you a house (for which you pay rent) and then do not want to do the repairs when the roof leaks over the Central heating boiler two weeks before Christmas.We have only just got the roof repaired both of us suffering from a great deal of stress in the process.

I have found that posting a question either results in a response or information as to where I can find what I am looking for, it is wonderful so please stop the carping about the site being off line for a couple of days and be thankful for small mercies.

Keep up the good work Eleanor.......
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Hi to all

We would also just like to add our thanks to Eleanor and Living France, we have been helped in many ways. It is so useful to have a site like this, even if there are a few moans. We cannot all share the same ideas on everything - life would be so boring. Thanks to everyone who has helped us - it's great being here!

Best wishes Jongleur
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