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The Lost Post


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On a couple of occasions recently I have had e-mails saying that a new posting has been added to a thread which I had contributed to. When I've checked them out I've found that my posting is no longer there.
In no way were they offensive in fact one was congratulating Trevor Yorke and the team.
Anyone know why? Or is it that admin do not think my comments are worth saving
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I think the server is having some problems. The same has been heppening with me in the same thread (and elsewhere). I posted, it appeared; I came back the next day to read new posts and only saw the original post. Then a few days ago all posts had re-appeared.

I had to send Eleanor a note about removing one copy of something I ended up posting twice because of the same sort of problems. So the team are at least aware of it -- but it will take time.

Ifthere was something offensive about your post you would have heard from Eleanor about it more than likely!

Chin up,


"He who does not Question, Does not Think, He who does not Think, does not Know; He who does not Know, never truly Is." Live and Let Live!!
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When I reply to someones posting it doesn't appear for sometime, although if I go back to the topic list I notice my response has been accepted and the posting is at the top of the listing. This all started happening after the logging on hiccup a couple of weeks ago, but to confuse things further I also changed ISP's at about the same time so I wasn't sure if it was them, LF or me.


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