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Racism/Code of Conduct ?

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Dear LF

As a follow-on to the discussion on the Travelling to France section about being flagged down on the motorways :

Is there any "Code of Conduct" for the forum ?

If so should it not contain at a minimum the requirement for users to show each other courtesy and respect, and basic civilised rules such as no racist content.

If there is no such Code, there ought to be !

If LF are concerned how to police that, I suggest they seek the advice of someone like the Commission for Racial Equality.

After all, not publishing racist comments is hardly rocket science in the 21st century, is it ?

Best wishes

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It does say in the registration page of the forum that no users shall make racist comments! so why are they being allowed to stay and why are you not doing anything about it?
They say ignorance is bliss!


Many rivers to cross, but I can't seem to find my way over...
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Is there a French equivalent to the CRE?
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This really needs to stop before it gets out of hand. I have read the mentioned postings and personally find nothing wrong with the original posting. The poster made observations which do not automatically make him a racist.

People are very quick to over react and never ask relevant questions when doing so. I noticed before the person was accused of being a racist because they used the word black nobody asked what colour they were, how do you know they are not black, brown, green or blue.

People make these accusations, here, and on many other unregulated forms of media (news groups etc.) then wonder why they receive such a verbal backlash.

The UK is full of do gooders and political correctness so called experts that it has almost crippled the country, at least in France little notice is take of them and indeed nor of the EU when it comes to these sort of issues. An example being corporal punishment in schools, banned by the EU but still practiced in French schools, perhaps thats why they dont have near as much yobbery as the UK and their children are on the whole better behaved.

I noticed that somebody has placed information on racism etc on France in this thread. I personally dont condone violence or racism myself (I have a mixed race daughter myself, not that its relevant). If the afore mentioned posting with its statistics alarms people then they should remember that this is the way of France and if you dont like it dont come here.

Somebody referred to laPen, he was never going to get into power but it got over to the current President what people where concerned about and he changed some of his policies as a direct result.

Final point, what ever happened to freedom of speech, why should I have to watch my every word.

Well thats my lot

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The following is part of the terms and conditions which every user who requests a password has to agree to:

"Code of Conduct:

In order to be a responsible member of the La Mairie online community you must adhere to the following terms and conditions. Anyone who doesnt feel they can abide by these guidelines should not sign up to them. If users are found to be breaching these guidelines once they have joined, they will be issued with one warning.

If their behaviour persists their account will be blocked and they will be banned from the site.

- Users must not post messages which:
- Are insulting, abusive, racist, sexist, or derogatory in any way to others, whether they are individuals or companies, users of the Forum or not.
- Threaten, intimidate, victimise or harass others.
- Make libelous comments about individuals or companies, including Living France.
- Contain explicit language or vulgarities (whether written in French, English or any other language)
- Impersonates or represents any person or entity in an attempt to deceive, harass or otherwise mislead another member.
- Incites illegal activity
- Infringes intellectual property rights
- Links to and/or references content not allowed under these guidelines.
- Uses the service in a manner deemed inappropriate by Living France
- Impedes or disrupts the flow of the discussions in the Forum "


LF Forum Admin
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