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Congratulations on an interesting and very varied website: I particularly enjoy the forum as it has helped answer many of our as yet unasked questions and also confirmed lots of the ideas, feelings and conclusions we had arrived at without much foundation.

I have also bought few couple of copies of the magazine which I find interesting to some extent. However I get the impression that (in common with similar magazines in its genre) 'Living France' is mainly targeted at the moneyed middle aged. Is there any chance of something a bit more practical, aimed at those who face the task of actually making the move, those with children, those who are under 50 or not contemplating an early retirement?

Looking through the forum, things like children, jobs, making a living and the practicalities of life in France are all concerns of the audience. It would be interesting to see the magazine address these more fully and seriously.


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Excellent idea Smarty.

This forum is (mostly!) an excellent resource for practical information, whereas I find the magazine a bit 'coffee table' and must admit to just skimming the property ads while standing in the newsagents.

I suspect, though, that there's more money to be made in appealing to the 'moneyed middle aged' / aspirational / lifestyle sector than as a practical companion for the 'red tape and brick dust' brigade. (Mind you, FPN strikes a decent balance and that's free!)

I did pick up at Vive La France the pilot issue of "Affordable France" magazine, which seemed to have the makings of something interesting - has anyone seen this since?

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