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Our friends up North - July Living France Page 6


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Yes this is a bit of a grumble and me doing a bit of promo for those who live north of Watford Gap and own a place in France.

The front cover of LF for July boasts that there are 26 places you can now fly from to France - what a disappointment this turned out to be !!! With the odd exception nearly all destinations were promoting the same airline from southern based airports - for those that never stop to think about it 'We ( yes thats the royal 'We') in the north like to fly locally wherever possible, but it seems airlines have up to press failed to take this smal matter on board - until now that is, as I am glad to report that jet2 a new low cost airline operating out of Leeds/Bradford airport has just started to offer direct flights to Geneva which for skiers like myself and many of our friends (incidentally that is where we have our apt -dept 74) are thrilled to bits about.Whilst I appreciate Geneva is not 'in' France,it does straddle the borders and for anyone accessing many of ski resorts in the northern alps they will find it much easier than using Lyon. Living in the north - Leeds to be precise, this for us is great news - so please LF in future could such articles include some of the other low cost airlines that suit people like me, a skier and not just those seeking sun and sand ? For more info on jet 2 visit www.jet2.com

Sorry for the length of this message but I got a bit of 'bee in my bonnet' over it but now I will go and lay down somewhere dark and quiet and relax
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I was in Leeds last week and spotted one of the 'spare' Eurostar trains being used for 'local' service to London.
I am sure that some of the changes to the station were put in for a potential direct service to France, so why are there still no direct Eurostar services to France.
Obviously any survey that has been carried out must have been done at some ungodly hour. The new low cost service from Leeds/Bradford has proved there are people who want to travel from this area, and Liverpool has proved it can provide a service to Nice.
No wonder Eurostar is losing money when they only cover a small part of Britain!!!!!!!!

I have also read bad news about long distance international travel in Europe, with Belgium cancelling a number of international services to be replaced by long distance coaches - and just at a time when there have been some bad coach accidents on the road to the south of France.

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Hi Janet,

That article does mention Jet2 (it includes details of it's flights from Leeds to Nice), as well as flights from airports in Scotland, the Midlands, ther north west of England, and Ireland.

We made sure we included all the places you could fly to in France from the UK and Ireland, wherever the airport was in the UK, because we know not everyone can or wants to fly from London. Of course, we were restricted on the destinations we could cover by two fronts: by the airlines who chose to concentrate their business in the south east of England, and by the limit I put on the article, which was that it had to cover only destinations you could fly to IN FRANCE. I did this because if we'd also included all the places you could access from the European mainland countries surrounding France, the article could have taken up almost all the magazine!

That's why flying to Geneva from Leeds wasn't included in the list, and the fact that the article contains details of flights from airports all over the UK and Ireland proves that we are not Londoncentric, even though the majority of flights to France leave from around the capital.

Lucy-Jane Cypher
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