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Hey Admin - A Question


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>What about us chaps (and chapess's)
>wot have B&B's. I note
>that these Gite people have
>a forum what about us
>at the lower end of
>the market, can't we have
>a forum as well..... Please

Speak for yourself Chris - lower end of the market indeed

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I just have a question......

I have tried to be gentle and polite on this thread incidentally, but have you understood that you do have a gite?

The word 'gite' has become a brand a name, which as I have seen from your request, you consider it to have a very specific meaning, whereas it is a far more general word than that for providing accommodation.

And those who post on the Gite forum, are not necessarily members of Gites de France.

So to me it looks like tautology to have a gite forum and a b&b forum....still if it makes you happy, I will say no more about it.
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