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Numerical Order- a suggestion


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I've been lurking around here for a few months now, and think the site is a great resource. Thank you Living France.

This is the first time I've come into this bit and it was because I'm finding it so hard to follow the threads.

A quick glance has shown me this is not a new issue for you
I have, however, a suggestion. I participate in a conference where ther "View" command gives an option to read the threads by reference (as they are shown here) or by date (as I and some others would obviously prefer).

So what do you say, LF? Could it be done on the next upgrade?
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LAST EDITED ON 28-Sep-03 AT 09:00 PM (GMT)

It used to be the case that new messages were highlighted in yellow to make them easy to find. Now just the topic is yellow if there are new messages within it but each individual message is white...If you ticked the box "Check here if you want to receive email when a new message is posted to this thread" you could find newly posted messages at a glance. Now you have to trawl up and down the whole list looking for dates... A retrograde step....

Nick O'D
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