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Why no mention of Forum in magazine


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Noticed a letter in this month's magazine - two in fact - where the questions they ask could have been answered within hours had they posted on the Forum yet, surprisingly, Editor makes no reference to it. For instance, someone asking for French film recommendations and where to buy videos. I think we could have helped with that pretty easily. Someone else asking about French equivalent of double cream and what to do with walnuts. Again, that information's ready and available in the food/drink section.

I've written a letter to the Editor politely asking why no mention of Forum in magazine, wonder if it'll be printed? More importantly, wonder why no mention of Forum in magazine nowadays?


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I noticed that the little column about La Mairie had been dropped a couple of issues ago and I was deeply suspicious because in October it coincided with the disappearance of the Forum for several days without explanation. I used to like that column because it sometimes drew my attention to a topic I had overlooked. I also noticed, as you did, that there were topics on the letters page that could have been answered by this Forum and I sometimes wonder why people with e-mail addresses write asking for information when all they have to do is click on here.

I only received my copy of the November magazine a few days ago and have it in mind to write to the letters editor also.
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