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Just re-registered. I used to be registered as Les Flamands. I was daft enough to delete all the cookies on my computer - I have done this before and was able to Login without a problem, however, this time I was informed my user name was invalid. I e mailed forum admin (27.11) in the hope that they could solve the problem but didn't even receive a reply. I then tried to re-register as Les Flamands but was told that the username contained invalid characters, hence the new abbreviated form.

I still think this forum is an excellent free service, but why not charge a small subscription and stop running it on a shoestring.
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I don't have a record of any e-mails from you from 27/11. The registration won't take spaces between usernames, it hasn't for quite some time (12 months+ I think). Your comments and been noted and passed to Internet marketing.

Forum Admin

>Just re-registered. I used to be
>registered as Les Flamands. I
>was daft enough to delete
>all the cookies on my
>computer - I have done
>this before and was able
>to Login without a problem,
>however, this time I was
>informed my user name was
>invalid. I e mailed forum
>admin (27.11) in the hope
>that they could solve the
>problem but didn't even receive
>a reply. I then tried
>to re-register as Les Flamands
>but was told that the
>username contained invalid characters, hence
>the new abbreviated form.
>I still think this forum is
>an excellent free service, but
>why not charge a small
>subscription and stop running it
>on a shoestring.

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