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While I was out for a short while today 44 people responded to the Why? query in the postbag. I don't have three hours to spare going through the responses in chronilogical order so, like most of the postbag nowadays, I am having to pass!

Please, please, please Eleanor - find a method of sorting into numerical order for me as neither I or my server (AOL) can cope with the sheer quantity of mixed up messages and it is sooooo frustrating.

oh well, back to House Renovations (Hi Anton!)

PS Shame you chopped 'SatelliteTV...again' - it was better than Eastenders!
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And then we would have trouble with threads that aren't quirky or sort of conversations, on some boards they are in order, and if someone wants to comment on No4 out of 27, making it then No 28, it just looks strange. I've been on boards with both systems, and on here I like this. Seems to fit on here.

I know the none order system isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I like it.
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LAST EDITED ON 29-Jan-04 AT 07:54 PM (GMT)

>While I was out for a
>short while today 44 people
>responded to the Why? query
>in the postbag. I don't
>have three hours to spare
>going through the responses in
>chronilogical order so, like most
>of the postbag nowadays, I
>am having to pass!

Hi Helen

Don't worry you haven't missed anything. Just me having a bit of fun.

>Please, please, please Eleanor - find
>a method of sorting into
>numerical order for me as
>neither I or my server
>(AOL) can cope with the
>sheer quantity of mixed up
>messages and it is sooooo

Yes they do get mixed up but it does allow you to post a specific response about a specific point. But having just typed that I realise it is a bit sad when someone hijacks a really good and useful thread and it takes of at an irrelevent tangent (which the WHY thread is'nt - it needs hijacki

>well, back to House Renovations

Much more constructive then the WHY thread I assure you.


ditto: regards ... helen

>PS Shame you chopped 'SatelliteTV...again' -

PPS What is the 'Satellite TV thing' that keeps cropping up as a side swipe in lots of postings - please enlighten me?

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I sometimes look at ivillage, now that must be the very worst message board on the net, you have to open every single message on there and see them one at a time. It actually used to be worse than it is now.

Now I can't cope with that, and it always amazes me that they get so many people posting over there.

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