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I've just seen your beautiful magazine


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I've been an occasional visitor to this forum but because I live in the US I have never seen your magazine until now. Several months ago I posted a note here asking for a winter rental. Someone saw my note and responded, offering us an apartment in Collioure which we are very much looking forward to occupying. When I noticed your current issue is about that part of France, I had to order it.

Your magazine is not only gorgeous, but is filled with great information we'll use as we make plans for the winter. The beautiful two-page photo of houses in Collioure really was the icing on the cake! I scanned the picture and am using it as my screen-saver, wondering if one of the pictured apartments is going to be "mine."

Thank you for creating such an interesting publication, and kudos to your author & photographer.

Libbie in North Carolina, USA
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