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"You have new message in your inbox" alert

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When I log on to the livingfrance website I automatically click on "Read New", and I didn't notice the little message on the top-left of the screen telling me that I had a message in my inbox for nearly a week!
Is there any way this could be made more prominent - in larger font, or flashing or something? (Perhaps you could arrange for an arm to spring out of the monitor and grab the viewer round the throat to alert them to the message - then I really would have no excuse!)
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I keep getting notification of a new message, with a flag, and when I look in the inbox there are no new messages. Am I missing messages or is there a fault?
Apologies to anyone who has left a message and have not had a reply. It's happened about three times now!
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>When I log on to the
>livingfrance website I automatically click
>on "Read New", and I
>didn't notice the little message
>on the top-left of the
>screen telling me that I
>had a message in my
>inbox for nearly a week!
>Is there any way this could
>be made more prominent -
>in larger font, or flashing
>or something? (Perhaps you could
>arrange for an arm to
>spring out of the monitor
>and grab the viewer round
>the throat to alert them
>to the message - then
>I really would have no

Coco, Have you checked your inbox lately?
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