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I know this subject has been raised before and an satisfactory answer from Admin has never really been given. As part of being a moderator I have asked for guidance on this matter and here is the reply I received.

"URLs at the end of postings are fine if they are personal websites. Advertising directly within the main text for products and services is not allowed."

Before anyone asks the 'main text' is from the first to the last character typed/entered in any posting.

I hope this clears up any questions you may have. For those with businesses that are trying to be helpful (as you often are) when people have a problem please remember you can contact them by either posting to their LF mailbox or, if activated, their personal email address. Just think this would entitle you to legitimate membership of that coveted secret society Message in your inbox.

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"URLs at the end of postings are fine if they are personal websites."

mmm... difficult to define that, example of personal website please
My sig (removed for this post) is 'my personal website' I built it, its mine, however it does create business for me, as do most websites - is that not there whole intention?

IMO sigs should be allowed - otherwise board police will be very busy

Mike (sig removed for this post

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