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FAQs - Out of date?


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I think this is one for our little blue men as I noticed mention of taking subjects up with Forum Admin. I must admit I always thought the FAQs a waste of space, just a collection of opinions that needed some serious editing to be of any use. Looking at them now I notice they must all be at least 2 years old and in some cases the law has changed or a subject has been clarifed. I feel that it is time for FAQs in their present form to be zapped. Does anyone actually read them any more?

Liz (29)
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LAST EDITED ON 22-Mar-04 AT 12:24 PM (GMT)

That's a very good point.

I've had a look in the FAQ section and I see that moderators are able to post new messages there, and remove old ones, though unfortunately it is not possible to edit the existing messages.

So if anybody notices anything that is out of date or wrong please tell me or one of our other moderators so that we can get it put right.

Will (50)

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