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Wrong Number

Dick Smith

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LAST EDITED ON 22-Apr-04 AT 09:01 PM (BST)

LAST EDITED ON 22-Apr-04 AT 08:58PM (BST)

I don't know if this will get controversial (but I'd be interested if anyone could).
Has anyone else noticed that the number of posts quoted in the lobby is one less than the number of posts actually appearing under each thread? It isn't a case of posts not appearing until a refresh is done, there is an actual discrepancy. Or possibly I am hallucinating, but I don't think so.

(BTW - it's not all threads)
(The 'Other Point of View' thread in the postbag says 37 but there are 38 posts!)


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In several cases, if you look down the list of posts you will find that, say, No32 is missing from the sequence - with the threaded discussion format this isn't easy to see, I know. This can mean that the post has been removed.

This won't always be immediately apparent. Because the forum software doesn't allow editing of posts (except by the originator, within a certain time of posting) what happens most often is that a post which might contain, say, an advertising link, is removed. The post is then replaced by another, identical to the original, with the link removed.

Without yet again entering into a debate about the rights and wrongs of having advertising etc on the forum I hope that might provide some explanation. But I have no recollection of anybody removing a post in the example given (I'll probably find now that I did it myself and forgot about it ). What TeamedUp etc says is also quite true; very occasionally the system has a hiccup and things just disappear into the ether.

Will (50)

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