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Him again!


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Thought you'd like to see a post from the 'Senior doing research'

--This time he's targeting Americans and it came from one of the American forums!


Senior Thesis Project for A Student in The States about Americans in France
Date: Saturday, April 17, 2004
Name: Joe Christensen
Message: Hello Everyone,
I'd Love your help with a project I am currently working on as a senior at the University of Southern California. I'm working on writing a thesis on Americans living in France, but what I'd like to have with my thesis is a lot of primary research. I guess, what I mean is that I'd like to hear from people actually living in France. I've come to this board because you seem like kind people who would be able to help me along with my work. If you would like to help, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I can give you more information.

Thanks so much for your help, Joe Christensen.

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As an historical researcher, I get enquiries like this about every month or so from different people, usually from the US I'm afraid.

If they're blatantly ripping me off, I just ignore them, if I'm not sure I reply asking who their supervisors are, what course they're doing and what their submission date is. In 7 years, I think I've only had two replies where the student could verify their status.

It's nothing else but lazy journalism, speculative articles probably from a freelancer trying to break into the market.

Tony Fuller
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