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Dear All,
A month or so I took out a 6 month subscription to the LF magazine so I could also benefit from the Travel Club discounts and I ahave received a couple of issues since.

However, before I start ringing the magazine up can anyone tell me how you get information on Travel Club membership as I have received nothing other than the last 2 issues of LF???

I haven't got a clue how I can take advantage of any offers etc so any advice to forearm me with would be much appreciated.


Andy Spencer

Francophile in Essex
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I will get the marketing department to contact you via e-mail but I will post below the info also.

Subscribers will need their subscription number, which can be found on the cover sheet that comes with their magazine each month. If you can't find it phone the Subscriptions Line on 01858 438832.

When you have your Subs number phone the Travel Club on 0870 264 2644 quoting your number. The Travel Club will then send through the information about the membership.

You can still join the Travel Club if you are not a subscriber by paying 6 annually. Contact them on the same number for info.

Hope this helps.

Forum Admin
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You should get a welcome letter, a membership card and a booklet detailing offers available. I think the booklet comes out every 6 months but it might be 3. I still get all the literature but it's a bit of a waste of time since the first mailing was accompanied by a statement that special offer tickets from cross channel ferry operators can no longer be purchased for travel from the continent to the UK. So you can take advantage now but if you ever move to Ouistreham forget it!

I would ring them up.

Liz (29)
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