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I rely?? very heavily on my spellchecker when sending e-mails etc, so when I post on La Mairie I get abit panicky!!

Now did I spell all that ok????

Is it possible to install one with postings?? or is there some way of checking and I have`nt found it yet???

Many Thanks from someone who writes " Yours Faithfully" because I can never spell "Yours sincerely??/sincerly??" !!!

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I am slightly dislexic, I don't use a spellchecker or worry too much about spellings on this or other forum, most people have enough trouble finding the right keys to get the words out.

The folk who have hangups about speeling or the place to stick the apostrophe should be told where to stick it - (not in the nicest possible way either). This is a site for information and as such that is the most important thing. If a speeling mistook spoils the information, then the post can be corrected.

By the way, I spent many a year working on RSA exam papers and setting them (for typing and WP) and I can assure you that the previous generation (mine) had just as much trouble with speeling and apostrophs.

All spelling errors in this post are meant - I am sure you still got the meaning...

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