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June edition of LF

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For fear of sounding too much like a candidate for the Order of the Brown Nose award, I would like to go on record as saying it's a really good read this month. Articles about the D Day landings, George Sand, the beautiful Aveyron, a marvellous piece on French radio (thank you so much, Ms. Editor, certainly one to cut out and keep) and a great article debunking several common myths on living in France. I especially liked "My French is pretty rusty but I'll pick it up just by living there" or how about "We'll earn our living by renting out a couple of rooms or gites". Even the advertising pages have been tidied up. Well done.

Only disappointment was the formal announcement of the departure of Mark Elliott but why did this not come as too much of a surprise?

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Bingo !! another one not yet received. Same as last month had to ring up. Prior to that we had two call; firstly; Asking for our cheque for the advert placed, which we had sent months before, which they then found. Then we were telephoned to be informed that our advert would be ending end of March did we want to renew, we had paid up to the end of July. which they confirmed, Strange going ons.

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Well I wish I had a copy of the June issue to make a valid comment.......I see I am not the only one to have been missed off the subscriptions list this month, seems to have been a glitch in the system. July copy arrived today! Some consolation.
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