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I can't see all topics and messages

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Dear Webmaster

Having been in an interesting thread on javascipt which drifted to computer systems, I got to a stage where I was unable to read the latest message as it did not appear on the message menu until more messages resultes in a two page listing which I can access from the topic menu. The link in the notification e-mail shows only the original messages and now fails to show any new messages.

The javascript fails to work so I am unable to navigate from the bottom of the page.

Also there is no alternative navigation for the topics so I can only access the first page, the rest is unavailable by any means.

The only possible saving grace is the the "Recent Topics, Active Topics, Popular topics" links show all messages even though it claims to show only so many out of the total. Anything outside these lists and including the archive is now unavailable.

Would it be possible to reinstate the efficiency and ease of use of the previous website to the clearer look of the new one. Javascript may be the latest all singing all dancing way of doing thing but it DOES NOT work for all.

ps Why do I need to use html code in my messages in order to format them correctly.

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