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I am now logged in as someone else

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All - if the system has logged you in as the wrong account, please log out and back in again.

Firstly, there hasn't been any sort of security breech etc.

What has happened is that during the upgrade work the user database from the "old" LivingFrance forum system has been merged with a larger userbase on our main forum system. As a result we've had to update all the Living France user account identifiers to fit the new system.

Consequently when the new system tries to automatically log in anyone with a cookie containing their Forum user ID from the old system, the ID doesn't match the new set of accounts and the wrong information comes up.

The user isn't fully logged into the system as the cookie's user ID doesn't match other security records. This is why some functionality works, and some doesn't.

Unfortunately the only way to resolve this is for the people affected to log out of the system (which clears the incorrect cookie), and then log back in - which resets the account details.

Thanks for your assistance,


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That will teach me not to read Forum's posts.  I thought I had broken something!

Just re-register Tresco.  Spangly squirmy sweet sixteen should get 'The Lads' straightening their ties.  Bit long to type though

Well, re-registered and even remembered my password so well chuffed!

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Well, I was William Blackledge yesterday, logged out, back in, closed down everything, deleted cookies and I'm STILL Wilbur Wright. Before the upgrade I was Will the Conqueror.

I quite like being Wilbur Wright - who has my e-mail address, password etc - but it means I'm not a moderator any more.

Must be a punishment for putting that naughty quote from Living France magazine on the forum before yesterday before the upgrade 

Edit - back to normal now I see , thanks to James and Tim for their help. We know why this happened, hopefully other users should only experience something similar if they have ever registered at another Archant forum.

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