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[quote]www.stare-fr.com/archant.pngI thought it was kind of funny..![/quote]


Unfortunately due to how Windows 2000 Server starts IIS following a reboot / IIS restart, rather than simply not responding until it's fully back up and running, the system goes through a few steps before serving "real" site content.

One of these steps is to serve the default holding page in response to every request - which is followed by starting to serve real content again.

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Good old Microsoft. Now if you had a Novell server it would stay up for ever. My personal server Novell 6.0 has been up since it's upgrade from 5.1 which is 184 days. Prior to that my 5.1 server ran for over 300 days. The longest ever server I have seen was a Novell 4.12 server that boasted over 600 days + before a reboot for an upgrade patch. And yes they run Appache.
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Well, my own server is running Debian/GNU linux, now been up for 14 days plus some hours (check http://stare-fr.com/ud.html for exact time) - I've seen a linux server that had been up for around about 3-years, which amazed me. Like the addage says, if it aint broke, don't fix it!

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[quote]When I said funny, I meant funny ha ha, becouse I'd happened to catch that screenshot whilst IIS was re-booting.Just out of curiosity, how long has the server been up?I just checked mine - been up 13 ...[/quote]

Sorry - never replied to this!

The webservers (Win 2000 Advanced Server) have been running for around 30-35 days. We used to reboot them on a daily basis but have now switched to monitoring and automatically restarting the webserver process when required.

The database servers (Win 2003 Server) have been up for around 165 days.
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