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Grannies in March


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What an interesting article, if you haven't read it yet do try to.  Nice to see our own Judy M featured and what sensible advice they all give.  If that's an indication of their overall service, I would say urge everyone to go this route when buying.  It also completely destroyed my idea of a "granny", don't know why I always assumed they were all over 60 and surrounded by second generation offspring.  I was especially tickled by Judy's remark that she "isn't even a mummy".  Hope that didn't stand against her when she applied for the job! 

Well done, LF, an inspired idea for an article, and an extremely useful one too.


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Thank you, Margaret, for those kind and generous words.  We do our best to please   I must add though, that for some reason, our Charente Maritime Granny, Angie Moore (who posts on here, too!) wasn't included in the article - she must be on the cutting room floor! 


JudyM (14)

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