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I need help to re instate my Control Panel etc


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If anyone can help again- recently I have lost the Control Panel, poster's names, view recent topics option and no doubt other things as well. I know this has been covered recently and I've tried many times to work through the list given but to no avail. I am using Windows XP and pointers to where to make adjustments in French would be great as I couldn't marry up the english explanations to the French headings in my Norton Internet security / Antivirus 2004.

Thanks in anticipation.

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You are not alone with Norton problems:

Invasion of Space, October 18, 2004

Reviewer:Aaron N. Prenot - See all my reviews
I am a web developer who has been having to deal with this software. Symantec doesn't tell you, but this program actually reads *all* incoming HTML pages and then just decides what images to show or not. It also *injects* scripts into each page that will cause JavaScript to break, to many websites will not render properly. And the worst part is, you wont know it!

I would not recommend this software for anyone. There are many better solutions for AD and popup blocking, as well as Firewall control. Many are free.

Was this review helpful to you? <script language=Javascript1.1 type=text/javascript></script> <script language=Javascript1.1 type=text/javascript></script>(Report this)

Norton Internet S

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After getting a nasty virus on my PC I decided to upgrade to NIS 2005.  I was OK with NIS2002 until the virus and could read the whole page on this website.  Now I have no access to my control panel to read private messages, no authors name, no search facility.

I have e-mailed Symantec and they sent me a "fix" for NIS2004.  Followed it to the letter and still no joy

I'm writing to them again today, as this isn't the only site I can't read properly.  A couple of my family history forums are also affected to the point where I can no longer find the button to post a message.

I thought NIS was the "bees knees" but the new version has more control over my PC than I do.

Not only that, but when I initially installed it onto my old PC it made it so secure, I can't even get into windows now, so had to resort to loading it onto my husbands computer.  Sure Symantec sent me a fix for that problem as well, which I haven't tried yet, but what a lot of hassle.  All I'm trying to do is protect my PC.

Rant over.

If I ever get a reply from Symantec that actually works - I'll e-mail it to the LF forum. 

Unless somebody already has the solution???


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"If I ever get a reply from Symantec that actually works - I'll e-mail it to the LF forum , unless somebody already has the solution???"

I installed NIS 2005 after my Norton 2003 antivirus came to expire. I lost control of many programs on my computer. After struggling through page after page of instructions, uninstalling and re-installing for 10 days, I gave up and demanded a refund, which I got...

I am now trialing Zone Alarm as a firewall and AVG Free as an anti-virus before toatlly removing all Norton products from my PC.

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I'm beginning to think I'll go down that route too.  Trouble is I brought the product in England and I live in France now.  So not that easy.

Just had a reply from Symantec.  I now have to find out which feature is causing the block.  I now have to disable each feature, check the website, but before disabling the next feature, enable the previous feature and then I have to get back to them with the results.

Am I doing their job for them?  Shouldn't all this be tested before the sell the product?  Nightmare.  No wonder they're getting a bad press of late.

I'll let you know how I get on, when I find time to go through all their instructions.


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In order to get a refund, you have to buy from Norton directly (not via Amazon or other retail) and ask for a refund within 30 days of the purchase date.

NIS 2005 stopped some of the features from SystemWorks from operating and, on reboot, kept telling me I had a Beta copy of the software, refusing to update any antivirus listing.

Norton never gave me any reply to specifics, just emails advising to uninstall/re-install according to the various message errors that kept appearing. I dreaded having to go into the registry and changing keys...

To date, I have not been able to restore all the SystemWorks programs I was happily using before installing NIS 2005. I told Norton this was the worst time I had ever had with a previously reputable software company...
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