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Ok so I'm a bit fick, but how the hienkle does one get eye-conz into a post? I tried click-n-drag, copy-n-paste, cklick-n-insert smiliey, but I obviously missed the bulls eye? Any ideas will be carved in stone for prosperity!

Fink I'll go and get anover beerBeer [B]. See wot I mean?



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Just to make the whole thing a bit clearer, the icons you can see below  the reply window  ([:#] [:)][:|] etc) are the icons that will show at the side of a new subject in a forum, and not in the body of the mail itself.  If you hover over any of them you will find that they each have a name, "Zip it!" being the first one.

To insert that icon into a post, as admin says, you need to use the "Insert Smiley" drop down list above the reply window.  You can hover over the icons below the reply window first to give you the name of the icon you need to pick from the list, although annoyingly these are not alphabetically sorted.

Hope that helps, I'll say no more [:#]


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